Cook Up a Storm


Comedy / Drama

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Nicholas Tse as Ma Chi-kin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vaidyalikhitha 10 / 10 / 10


Story line is interesting with extraordinary climax at the end all the actors fairly performed their characters visuals are rich

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 9 / 10 / 10

Definitely enjoyable

The movie is really enjoyable ,, kinda has that 2005 dance off competition movie .. except it's cooking ;) The story was sweet and even if the plot was a bit predictable it has that fun action element that makes you glued to your seat and wanna see what's next. The camera work and the visuals though .. WOW ,, It was just phenomenal ,, all these close ups and colorful dishes just made he movie itself look like a happy place to be just in time for the Chinese new year fireworks celebrations. The cast were really good ... just loved the whole the chemistry and it was all flowing in one place .. Finale say ,, it's already on your Netflix recommended foreign movies ,, so don't miss it out.

Reviewed by daisukereds 9 / 10 / 10

Unexpectedly heartwarming and visually stunning

I don't know what "BasicLogic" is talking about in his review. The only thing that makes sense in what he said is the fact that there are unimportant male characters that "underwhelming", but their role is so small that it doesn't even matter. Also, why comment on script/dialogue when you clearly are from the US and are probably reading someone's subtitles? That's is, in my opinion, utterly stupid. Better to have no opinion at all, than to simply complain about something. The movie is very well paced. I normally watch at 1.2 speed, but had to watch this one at 1.0 because it didn't feel slow at all (and actors in Asian movies tend to talk more quickly anyway). It has a very nice structure (even for a "worn out" plot) and is far richer than I expected. It is also visually stunning, and the ending was not only packed with emotions, it was very satisfying in the way the main character handled himself. The cast is super likable and well defined. I would recommend this to anyone that likes a movie with a bit rivalry and personal growth. I'm quite glad I allowed me to watch it after reading a short summary and seeing the simple poster.

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