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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 5 / 10 / 10

THE COUNSELLOR (Alberto De Martino, 1973) **

Third-rate GODFATHER clone is so clearly patterned after the Francis Coppola blockbuster that the end result, despite the occasional felicities, is doubly disappointing: Tomas Milian, the consigliori of the title, naturally has the Robert Duvall role; Martin Balsam steps in for Brando as the Don and also suffers an attempt on his life (while visiting his wife's grave); there is also a death scene featuring a bullet-ridden car a' la James Caan's demise in GODFATHER and another one in a restaurant (with the owner unceremoniously dumped into the furnace while still alive); a violent retribution (this time against rebellious mafioso Francisco Rabal and his renegade gang) juxtaposed with a religious ceremony (here a village procession); Balsam and Milian fleeing to their Sicilian homeland with Rabal in pursuit, etc. The film also features Euro-Cult favorites Dagmar Lassander (wasted as Milian's girl) and Edoardo Fajardo (in a small role towards the end, as a Sicilian Mafioso whose "godfather" had been Milian's father!) but, unfortunately, they contribute next to nothing to the mix. Although the version of the film I watched was in Italian, the gangsters (particularly Balsam) have a habit of slipping into English ("Yu-unna-stan", "Well", "Busy-ness", etc.) perhaps to show that they've been living for far too long in America but, frankly, I couldn't help laughing when at the end the mortally-wounded Milian (riding away in a car after the final showdown with Rabal) has to listen to Balsam rattling away one "Damn Bastard" after another without letting the old man know that he was done for; it practically reminded me of those scenes in AIRPLANE! (1980) showing the various passengers sitting next to Robert Hays who end up doing the craziest things to themselves so long as they're spared from listening to his life story! As usual with this kind of film, the music is an asset and Riz Ortolani's lush score here is no exception.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 1 / 10 / 10

very disappointing movie

Not my cup of tea at all, this Godfather clone. Milian is wasted in the role of the 'will he won't he' role as the reluctant son. reluctant that is after a prison sentence to return to the turgid business of defending the 'family', 'honour' and all that toss. Wasted also was the lovely Dagmar Lassander who does just about nothing, but then this is a little boys film so no place for women. To be fair although I found all the stuff in San Francisco predictable and tedious (as well as silly and sentimental) when we switch to Sicily things do improve enormously. Whether its the streets and local colour or just tighter direction I'm not sure but I went from beginning to dose off to full attention. But just because the last 15 minutes or so is fine cannot salvage what was for me a very disappointing movie.

Reviewed by RodrigAndrisan 1 / 10 / 10

A waste of time!

Martin Balsam, Tomas Milian, Francisco Rabal, three good actors, whom I have seen in many other movies, much better than this one. This is an incredible story with mobsters killing each other. Riz Ortolani's music, always of superior quality, is better than the movie.

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