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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Action thriller in which a terrorist plot threatens the lives of thousands in Israel and a reporter sets out to expose a complex political cobweb

Mike Anderson (hunky Dolph Lundgren) is a known American reporter dispatched to investigate a mysterious and fatal attack on an overseas US naval base, Anderson, a leading investigative journalist and ex-US marine, finds himself back on familiar ground. Instinct makes him question the official CIA explanation told by CIA chief Jackson (Oscarized secondary Louis Gosset Jr) that cites an unknown terrorist group called Black October (Black September-alike) . Terrorist attacks on US military based in Israel are just the smokescreen for a great threat . Alone, and armed only with his combat training and determination to uncover the truth, the journalist attempts to find out a risked political web . Renewing a fiery affair with his ex-Iover Susan Clifford (Lisa Berkley , in her first and last film), now the US Embassy press attachee, he soon finds himself taking on an old adversary . And when his former marine colleague Colonel John Cooper (John Finn of Cold case) suffers a terrorist attack after a secret rendezvous with him, Mike realises he holds the pieces to a deadly plot . If the lies don'd kill you , the truth will will ¡ . This exciting though below-par Actioner packs suspense , car chases , thrills , noisy action , political intrigue and violence . Boring pace with its ups and downs ; stands out only for ending scenes when takes place the attempt terrorist in 11th station , ¨Via Crucis¨ and Holy Tomb . Picture reveals an alarmingly realist insight into US-Middle Eastern politics and terrorism since the 2000s, dealing with a al-Qaeda-esque terrorist organization and the conspiracy theories that some believe the US government is using the Middle East as a cover-up . The highlights of the movie result to be the battles to save the lives of thousands of innocent people, in a desperate attempt to prevent a deadly plan to create an international disaster of catastrophic proportions , as in a race against time Lundgren confronts a terrorist scheme in the God Friday climax , including hokey religious symbolism . The scene where Dolph Lundgren's character runs through the mass of people during the Easter celebration was shot during an actual enactment by pilgrims of the twelve stations of Christ. Hidden cameras were used to get the footage, and a pair of incognito Israeli National Squad paratroopers followed Lundgren for his protection. None the less pilgrims and tourists thought his fake blood was an actual wound, and "real" soldiers pointed M16 guns at Lundgren and got him down on the ground as they had not been well informed of the film production . Regular acting by Dolph Lundgren as a two-fisted American journalist on a dangerous foreign assignment, finds his own life in jeopardy when he uncovers a deadly labyrinth of political intrigue , better is Lous Gosset Jr as CIA boss Lou Jackson. William Tannen, who had written the script and was in the final stages of preparation in Israel to begin shooting in one week, was replaced because the lead actor decided that the script he signed on to do was no longer viable and that he began to do a major rewrite ; Tannen actually said the word "No" and was excused by the Israeli producer, a former prop man. The picture failed at box office and released theatrically worldwide except in the United States and United Kingdom . The movie was incidentally produced before the Gulf War started . In France, the distributor delayed the release by six months because of the conflict . The motion picture was middlingly directed by Manny Coto ; writer William Tannen was to direct the film, director Manny Coto got hired only one or two weeks before principal photography . Manny is a notorious producer , writer an occasionally director as TV as cinema , such as ¨Zenon¨, ¨Star Kid¨, ¨Dr Giggles¨, ¨Red Schizo¨and this ¨Cover up¨

Reviewed by Front-Row-Reviews 5 / 10 / 10

JUST OKAY - (6 stars out of 10)

The stage curtains open ... "Cover-Up", starring Dolph Lundgren as an ex-Marine turned journalist named Mike Anderson, and Louis Gossett Jr. as CIA agent, Lou Jackson, relies heavily on plot in a film that is more of a mind game than an action-thriller. Not your usual Lundgren film, it finds him playing detective in a race against time. When a U.S. naval military base is bombed in Israel, Anderson is sent in to investigate and report his findings. While he is there, he runs into some familiar faces from his past, including his old flame, Susan Clifford, who is now working for the U.S. Embassy. As he digs deeper into the mystery behind the bombing which killed American soldiers, he finds that things run much deeper than what is initially believed to be the case. Now, he is in a race against time to prevent the death of thousands of innocent people, including a diabolical plan to do much, much worse. This really wasn't that bad of a film. I wouldn't put this among Lundgren's best, but at the same time, it is a lot better than some movies he's done. The story is surprisingly intelligent and intricate with strong characters and decent acting. Lundgren really isn't known for his acting chops, but he shows some here and knows how to rein things in to keep in character and avoid becoming bigger than the story. The ending is a little hazy ... and without giving anything away, all I will say is that it's hard to tell if Mike Anderson survives the ordeal or not. I guess you would have to watch it to decide for yourself. Even though the movie plays out well, it is still not one I would necessarily recommend. I feel that if you are a Dolph Lundgren fan and haven't yet seen this movie, you would probably enjoy it - keeping in mind that it is low on action and high on political intrigue. I think I would watch this again though. I had a good enough time to say that overall, it was enjoyable.

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 5 / 10 / 10

Dolph fans will still appreciate Cover Up, and it makes a good one-time watch.

Mike Anderson (Dolph) is an ex-Marine, now an investigative journalist based in L.A. He travels to Israel to try to get the story on some murders at a military base. A terrorist group called Black October is claiming responsibility, but is that the whole story? Anderson also is attempting to get to the truth through CIA operative Lou Jackson (Gossett Jr.) It seems Anderson is getting close, because several attempts are made on his life. He must uncover the conspiracy before it's too late. Can he do it? It seems Cover Up was an attempt by Dolph to do something a bit more "respectable". There's certainly nothing wrong with trying to change things up and attempting to break away from typecasting - it's just that Cover Up is kind of on the dour, dark and dry side. He's more than entitled to try something different, but it's just a shame that it's this - because it's still trying to keep one foot in the action world with some blow-ups, and maybe some mild shooting and fighting - but it's not entirely a straight drama either. Despite the more serious-minded tone of the film, Dolph still manages to appear shirtless for no apparent reason. Some things can't change, apparently. If Dolph really wanted to break away from the cycle of action movies he was doing at the time, he probably shouldn't have re-teamed with Louis Gossett Jr. after The Punisher (1989). Not that we mind, of course, they make a fine team, but what action remains in this movie is too close to his old work, yet not far enough away to separate himself from it. In Dolph's defense, it's a tough line to straddle. And he does look very cool with his cigar. It really makes you think Gossett was supposed to appear in The Peacekeeper (1997) to make a Dolph/Gossett trilogy, but instead Montel Williams of all people showed up to fill the role. A good example of how this is an atypical Dolph movie comes when there is a scene in a pool hall, and all they do is talk and play pool. In any other movie, punches, kicks and pool cues would be flying. But Mike Anderson is a reporter, you see, not a fighter. Although he is "ex-military" (classic cliché we all love). So what about that? Presumably it explains what fighting does occur later in the movie. The Israel locations are some of the highlights of the movie (and are shot very well by the cinematographer). The King David hotel, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, among other sites in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are on show. The climax during the religious procession also gets the local flavor very well. Cover Up may be lacking in overall excitement, but as a travelogue there's certainly something to see. To keep things in perspective, Cover Up is much better than The Last Warrior (2000), Agent Red (2000) and Detention (2003). Cover Up is really not even a bad movie, just a bit on the dull side. Dolph seemed to realize this, because he came roaring back into classic form with his next movie after this, Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991), one of his best and a Comeuppance Reviews favorite. Dolph fans will still appreciate Cover Up, and it makes a good one-time watch.

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