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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10 / 10

What a load of crock!

I was expecting little from Crocodile but was hoping I would enjoy it despite its limitations. But I just couldn't. It looks cheap for starters with choppy editing and very fake-looking and poorly-utilised effects. Okay, I knew the effects were not going to be great because of the budget but that is no excuse for the lack of effect, for that was the impression I got. The script is cheesy(the campfire scene) and has no sense of tension or foreboding, the music is over-bearing with little much original or memorable and the story is dull(with the romance subplot further dragging things down) and predictable with the killings undermined by very fake gore. There is some questionable logic and continuity, seeing as crocodiles don't come from America the title should've been Alligator instead, and the crocodile lacks menace and the way it's used is little different from other similar creature movies I've seen. I wouldn't have minded that the characters were clichéd, if they weren't so shallow and annoying, and if most of the actors didn't literally scream their lines all the time. Overall, a terrible movie even with the limitations. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

A bad film, but bloody with it

The DVD cover of this movie is plastered with sentences like "From the director of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'" and yes, that does mean the return of Tobe Hooper. Sadly, gone is the innovative '70s maverick and in his place is a by-the-numbers director out to make a buck from impressionable teens. Well, CROCODILE is a cheesy and nondescript B-movie at heart, and fans of monster flicks might find this one a guilty pleasure. Once the brain-damaging shenanigans of the first half are out of the way, the film actually becomes fairly decent, moving quickly and with plenty of action and destruction to recommend it. The crocodile itself is an impressive creation on a low budget, whether the mechanical or the cheap CGI effects are being used – the reason being that old hand Greg Nicotero is on board, and he knows how to deliver on a budget. Of course, the teenage cast are all unknowns and annoying, again picked for beach-model looks rather than acting ability, but who cares when they're being chewed in half, beheaded or generally bloodied beyond repair. The film is plot less and rambling in places, and the sweary scripting gets quickly wearing. However, the destructive set-pieces (a houseboat and then a general store) are mingled nicely with more typical running-through-the-woods behaviour and at least there is blood in this one. The ending rips off ANACONDA in a big way and couldn't get any cheesier, but then there's nothing particularly wrong with that for this type of film either. CROCODILE ain't a great movie by a long shot but at least it delivers, unlike anaemic offerings such as BOOGEYMAN.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 / 10 / 10

C'mon Hooper...stop messing around, will ya!

A pound doesn't buy a lot these days, so when I saw a brand spanking new copy of Tobe Hooper's Crocodile on DVD for precisely that amount, I figured there must be worse ways to waste a quid and 'snapped' it up. And while I don't exactly regret buying the film (I am, after all, a total horror addict, and will watch virtually any rubbish in order to satisfy my cravings), on reflection, a pound does seem a little steep. With its monster-movie-by-numbers plot (killer croc on the loose), one dimensional characters (assorted jocks and bimbos, a tough cop and an experienced hunter), and clichéd delivery, I realise that this film was never intended to be anything other than a bit of low-budget B-movie monster fun, but even with my expectations set low, I found Crocodile to be rather disappointing. Usually, even when at his most uninspired, Hooper is capable of delivering an occasional moment of dark humour, the odd creepy scene or convincingly nasty bit of gore, but with this lacklustre effort, he merely goes through the motions. The result is an instantly forgettable giant-killer-animal-on-the-loose straight-to-DVD clunker of the type found clogging up the bottom shelves at your local Blockbuster (the kind that sport such inventive titles as Octopus, Python, Spiders, and.... well ...Crocodile, I suppose). I'm not sure what the budget was on this production, but judging by the effects on display, I'm guessing it was mega-low. The titular monster is portrayed via an unconvincing mix of full-size models and laughable bargain basement CGI, whilst the sparse gore, by the usually reliable KNB FX group, definitely looks like it was knocked up on the cheap. Hell, the budget doesn't even stretch far enough to convince the babes to get their norks out—exactly what kind of B-movie is this, Mr. Hooper? If you can't give us decent gore, at least give us gratuitous nudity. To be fair, the film doesn't drag, and there is a certain amount of fun to be had from this flick's general cheesiness, but one can't help but wonder how the man who gave the world Leatherface could sink this low. The last time Hooper dabbled with killer reptiles, he gave us Eaten Alive, which I gave a reasonable 6/10. With this second attempt at a croc-shocker, he gets 3.5 (generously rounded up to 4 for IMDb). If I were Tobe, I wouldn't try again. I'll probably end up having to give a 1... and I really don't want to have to do that!!!

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