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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 7 / 10 / 10

Oh, get over yourself and admit that this is a cute movie

Out of all the people, I admit that I bash Britney Spears all the time. But I saw this movie because my 2 best friends and my boyfriend wanted to see this. And we actually thought this was a cute movie. And it's funny, our friendship is like the one in this movie. There's the sexy one, there's the smart one, there's the one who wants to make it big, and of course my boyfriend. Of course it's not oscar worthy, or the movie of the year. But it's cute. Kind of cheesy, but fun. So what if you're not a Britney Spears fan, if you hate this movie just because someone you don't like is in it, you have to be a pretty shallow person. So stop acting like you know everything about movies. I'm not a pre-teen, but I liked it. So like I said, just admit that it was cute. Like people are going to contact you and praise you for making fun of this movie. 7/10

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 4 / 10 / 10

Forget about Britney, it is the script that ruins this movie!

This is a bad movie, mostly because of the simple reason that it's an absolutely horrible written one. This movie is mostly infamous and hated because of Britney Spears, who plays the lead role. But really, in all honesty, she is far from the worse thing about this movie. It's true that she is obviously no actress but I didn't exactly hated her watching in this and her performance didn't made me cringe all that badly. It's a movie that got made at the prime of her musical career, when she also was still considered to be fresh and innocent. But it does not at all feel like this movie got specifically written for her. She plays a character that is quite different from herself and in the movie she doesn't even sing or dances all that much, which is good news for a lot of people. It's true that this movie is a typical chick-flick, so perhaps I'm not the right person to judge it but I'm still sure that I'm very well able to recognize a good movie when I see it and this movie just isn't much good to watch. The entire way the movie got written and progresses is not only boring and pointless but also lazy and too often doesn't make enough sense. I just don't get some of the stuff that this movie does. Britney Spears is supposed to be an ugly girl, that gets laughed at, at school, which is laughable in itself. No matter how much you just don't like Britney, you can't really call her ugly, especially not when you also see her body as well, which she shows quite a lot in this movie actually. And for some crazy and never explained reason, 3 girls who used to be best friends stopped being friends at high school and even somewhat hate each other go on a road trip together and for some, totally different, crazy reason they also suddenly are friends again, as if everything that was shown and told in the movie previously wasn't important and had even never happened. Something I also really don't understand; the Britney Spears character had a nerdy boyfriend (played by Justin Long of course) for 3 years but as the movie goes along she totally forgets about this and so are its viewers supposed to do I suppose? Since she hooks up with a totally different guy, which is something we also are supposed to cheer for. But what about poor Justin Long Brit? What did he ever do wrong to you. It just didn't feel right but it's normal for this movie to leave many loose ends like this and character just keep on changing their behavior and personalities for no logical reasons, other than it's just being a very poorly written movie. The movie really doesn't progress very naturally or pleasantly and doesn't really wrap things up properly. Just think about it. The 3 main characters all go on the road trip for a specific reason but for none of them, it ends up the way they were hoping for. The movie acts as if it has an happy ending but once you really start thinking about it, you could wonder to yourself, what exactly is so happy about it. It's actually amazing to see how many big names appear in this movie. Granted, that most of them weren't really big names yet at the time, such as Zoe Saldana and Justin Long but still it makes you wonder how so many great actors ended up playing in this movie. It's probably all due to it that this was a Britney Spears vehicle and lots of people tried to ride in on the success and fame of her. But as it turned out, this is not exactly a project that any of the people involved with could be very proud of. Not exactly the worst movies of all time, not even close honestly but it still is far from a great or likable enough movie as well. 4/10

Reviewed by Howlin Wolf 4 / 10 / 10

Caught between two things; being a proper, honest to goodness movie, or being a teenage sisterhood pamphlet...

For a while there, I thought that I was going to be in genuine danger of having to admit that I liked this movie. For the first forty minutes it was a warm, if slightly generic, road movie about the positives of friendship and following your dreams... Then, after that point, I started to feel it turn into a Steel Magnolias clone. It was now apparently the type of film where the girls all sit around in a sewing circle, and discuss their problems. I suppose this is fine if you feel like these are real issues and you can relate to them, but when they feel as though they've been cribbed from the pages of 'Dear Abby... ', you stop suspending your disbelief that these are real people, and start seeing them for what they are: Stock Movie Characters. Going along with the well-worn movie tradition, the guy our heroine gets with has to be 'hot', and not the slightly awkward, geeky schoolfriend that she actually shares a little bit of a rapport with. That's Movie Law - don't lose your virginity to someone you have a little bit of history with, lose it instead to the hunk you've only just met who has a heartbreaking backstory and abs chiseled from stone, but lacks the facility of meaningful conversation. Hey, why talk much when you can just beat up sleazy jerks in bars and win the girl's affection that way, right?! The first half of the film actually has a path that seems like it might be leading somewhere... until suddenly, that trail goes cold, and the rest of the movie is essentially just a visually 'inspirational' pep talk for Spears' status as a teen role model. It's a shame too, because Spears' performance as a whole suggests she would be capable of handling more diverse requirements. Sadly, these don't appear to be in the play- by-play manual followed by the makers. Eventually, the clichés win out, as we all must have suspected they would do, in the first place.

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