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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 2 / 10 / 10

Good looking but unfunny and dumb

A young poor cobbler who loves martial arts picture books (this is set in period) gets mixed up with an on the run princess. Saving her life, she promises to aid him should he ever need. He then goes to find her. And alleged adventures occur. How you feel about the film will very much depend upon how you take to the mugging and childlike behavior of the films star Xiao Shen Yang. If you take to his mugging and stupid behavior (it reminded me of a less manic slightly sad faced Jerry Lewis) then you'll love it. If not this is going to be a LONG 91 minutes. It's the sort of thing where toes going up a person's nose during a fight and held for effect is supposed to make you laugh and two men kissing by accident is the punch line of a joke. I found the film profoundly dumb. I'm sure if I was kid of about five I would have loved it, then again I wouldn't have been able to read the subtitles. I think this film should be called Just Call Me Unfunny.

Reviewed by dafrosts 10 / 10 / 10

No worse than hot shots and hot shots part deux

If you're looking for a comedy with cool Kung-Fu fights, keep looking. This is a farce along the lines of Hot Shots & Hot Shot Part Deux. It's whole goal is to make fun of as many subjects as possible. It's an enjoyable waste of two hours. A perfect movie to play while doing laundry.

Reviewed by ongyekcheng 10 / 10 / 10

Super Funny!!! I kid you not.

For fans of Star Wars, Kung Fu Hustle (Stephen Chow), Swordsman (Tsui Hark) and other iconic movies of the East and West, this martial arts comedy with a refreshingly original (and hilarious one-liners) script will have you splitting your sides. Fans of Hong Kong's veteran funnyman Eric Tsang, Singapore's multi-talented and versatile actor Mark Lee and Taiwan's Jacky Wu, will love the cameo appearances made by these super comics. Also, did I mention the clever use of CGI to boost the visual impact of 'kung fu' moves during the show? A must-watch for aficionados of the comedy-kung fu genre.

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