Dangerous Parking



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Peter Howitt as Noah Arkwright
Saffron Burrows as Claire
Spencer Wilding as Tall Gestapo Officer
Tom Conti as Doc Baker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fustbariclation 6 / 10 / 10

Good, but not amazing

I think that the reviews so far are rather over-the-top in their praise. Yes, this is a good film, it's amusing in places and it's a pretty good film about dying. It has some distinct longueurs, though. The whole alcoholics anonymous thing goes on too long, really, as does the rehabilitation stuff. As you'd expect, the AA doesn't really do anything for him, and it's rather sad that he can't enjoy a jar or two once he knows he's going to be dead shortly - something rather nasty about that. True enough, to life, in a way, it is all pretty tedious, but, when watching a film, you don't really need so much of the tedium to get the point. The doctors, like the girlfriends, were all cut-out characters, making it, as the man says, a very self-indulgent film. I enjoyed it, though, on the whole.

Reviewed by shoolaroon 9 / 10 / 10

Bitterly funny and achingly sad, a remarkable movie!

I may be going overboard with the rating, but I would definitely give it no less than 8, and I want to encourage people to see this movie. I kind of rolled my eyes at the beginning as I thought it was a bit indulgent and over the top, but once the story got rolling, I was captivated by the lead character, British filmmaker Noah Arkwright, and his stumbling battle towards both sobriety and becoming a family man. Noah is so abrasive, profane and cynical, that while he's bitingly funny, at first you don't feel much sympathy. He reminded me of Gordon Ramsay. But when he's in the sober house and encounters the spirit of his mother, who died at his birth, I found myself deeply touched as well. We assume so much about people but it turns out we really don't know them at all and why they turned out a certain way. Noah meets the right woman and has a lovely child, but his past life of debauchery starts to catch up with him in the form of recurrent bouts of cancer. Even at its darkest this film never loses its humor or its humanity. The last half hour or so can be quite harrowing with Noah's medical treatments, but it's never depressing. The end is really, really well done and surprising, and really touched me. I don't think I will ever forget this film, and I'm eager to find my own copy now. A truly great film about addiction, sickness, spirituality, and the healing power of love.

Reviewed by Intacto 9 / 10 / 10

A British Ivan's XTC with a dash of Witnail and I

What an unexpected Gem, British film making minus Danny Dyer minus Guy Ritchie minus Colin Firth = ' Excellent ' … Don't switch off after the first 5 minutes as this could be our typical British flop. Narration,, freeze frame ,, loser introspective rewind, loads of swearing, attitude, over use of flashback etc However the film draws you in . And succeeds through the bombastic central performance from its lead Peter Howit through the effective use of narration and non chronological story telling, all too often exploited in modern cinema On reflection this is a modern day shakespearean tragedy .. A triumph in modern cinema which succeeds in making you laugh whilst conveying a very sad and poignant message of one mans search for redemption With a raw honesty served on a plate of hilarious self destructive loathing the narrator introduces his world of drug fuelled decadence with at times hilarious results, before his admission to rehab in an effort to resurrect his life . The latter part of the film turns decidedly dark and is at times difficult viewing so be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster.. Try and imagine Ivan's XTC meets Trainspotting meets Witnail and I ? I ! A MUST SEE

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