Dark Harbor


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Jessica Sipos as Olivia Prescott
Joel McHale as Norbert
Reiko Aylesworth as Natalie Shepherd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CathrineLellie 10 / 10 / 10

An exquisitely executed cinematic homage to slow-burn thrillers of the past!

Dark Harbor builds a suspenseful tension that sustains from start to finish! The cinematography - capturing the haunting beauty of coastal Maine and the immaculate Prescott home - is so incredibly captivating that you're swept right into the story. The writer's intricately crafted mystery is interesting, well thought out, and complicated - just enough so you're on the edge of your seat, but not so much that you're left with unanswered questions. To top off stunning visuals and solid story is phenomenal acting! This cast is INSANE - a beautiful blend of old school (Meagen Fay/Xander Berkeley) with new, undiscovered talent. The actress playing Olivia delivers a lovely, grounded performance, and the dude playing Kellen (the villain) -- my god this guy is talented, a true star in the making!!! Dark Harbor is refreshing in the sense that it relies solely on solid storytelling - there's no CGI, or SFX here, but in that way, it feels nostalgic. In fact, Dark Harbor reminded me a lot of the film FEAR, both in setting and tone. FEAR (Wahlberg/Witherspoon) is a dramatic thriller that I could watch multiple times, and I find that to be the same with this film.

Reviewed by tkdolan 10 / 10 / 10

Worth the watch!

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, i watched it a few times and you get a slightly different perspective each time. I would highly recommend for a movie night, really good quality and story line. Definitely more of a psychological thriller.

Reviewed by pietrp 10 / 10 / 10

Ignore the Haters! Top Shelf psychological thriller

DARK HARBOR needs way more attention than it's been getting. I am a fan of well written, well paced, and well acted psychological thrillers and this film knocks it out of the park on all three counts. Sterling Hurst's performance in particular was so intense and carefully crafted that I knew from the moment he first appeared on the screen that a wild ride was ahead and he did not disappoint in execution of the role. The balance of the cast turned in exemplary performances as well. The kind of thriller, with a subtle yet intense undertone of horror, that hits the sensory points in the way all good thrillers aspire to with complete success. I immediately looked up standout Sterling Hurst in IMDb to get the titles of his work to date to find on my streaming services. I wade through a lot of films in the Thriller categories and have seen my share of duds and good efforts, this film left me wanting more.

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