Darkness Rising

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April 6, 2019



Bryce Johnson as Daniel
Katrina Law as Izzy
Tara Holt as Sara
Ted Raimi as Dimwit
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awwhalen 3 / 10 / 10


The actors were clearly having fun, but it doesn't make up for cheap scares and lousy writing.

Reviewed by CTWith3 1 / 10 / 10

We need the negative stars option for this one

I love horror movies. I even watch the ones with low ratings because they can usually be fun no matter how poorly done. But this has to be the worst horror movie I've seen in my life. To say the actors can't act would be too high a praise. To say that the direction was horrible would be too high a praise. To say that ... you get the idea. ... and what character in any move has ever sat down with one of the other potential victims for a psychological introspective or philosophical discussion? So why did I continue watching? Partially because I was waiting for it to get better, and partially because I was paralyzed by the horror of how bad a movie actually made it out of the studio's editing room. We need to be able to give negative star ratings for movies like this one!

Reviewed by blamdrum 1 / 10 / 10

Darkness-Falling Short

I had "High" hopes for this movie but within the first 10 minutes, I knew disappointment would prevail. And I was right. The beginning of the movie opens with a completely unrelated scene to anything that preceded it. Not sure what that was about, maybe they finished under-budget and decided what the heck, let's spend some money. In the interest of full disclosure, they may have explained the first 4 minutes of the film in last 20; I don't know I didn't bother watching it. My cat sat on my chest and pointed her ass-end at my face blocking the television set, and to be honest even with a diet of Salmon and Tuna, it was a better watch. The only thing scary about this movie was that I'm sure someone lost a whole lot of money making it. Don't waste your time...adopt a cat instead.

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