Das Versprechen


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 10 / 10 / 10

this movie doesn't break its promise of being great

Portraying several friends separated by the Berlin Wall, "Das Versprechen" - called "The Promise" in English - hits you right where it hurts. I thought that it was very interesting how the movie picks up about every ten years, showing the historical context each time (specifically the sign saying "Victory to the Vietnamese Revolution" in 1968, during Prague Spring). To my generation, the Berlin Wall remains part of history (I was only five when it fell), so we have to rely on movies like this to understand the whole thing. All in all, director Margarethe von Trotta did a very good job here, as did the whole cast. Definitely worth seeing.

Reviewed by J. Steed 8 / 10 / 10


In an interview at the time of the release of this film Margarete von Trotta rather bragged about the fact that this was the first German (after unification) film after the fall of the Berlin wall that dealt with the 28 years of history on the East side of the wall. This remains to be seen, but if so, is that a good reason to come up with this dim, tepid and obligatory romantic drama that is predictable from scene 1? A drama in which the viewer no cliche spared? The film looks more a kaleidoscope of political events in which the two main characters just happened to be a part of. The film never is a real drama and lacks every dramatic tension. The two main characters are simply boring people (not helped much by the casting); all other characters are one-dimensional. Some bad writing is also present: some characters, like the aunt, simply disappear from the story. As to direction and filmmaking there are plenty of uneasy moments as well. In the Prague scene the girl waits on the wrong spot for her friend; well, they just wait, but then "pop" a short scene in which she asks where this or that place is and then "pop": yes, there he is! The scene of the father in hospital also just seems to come from nowhere. It all looks like as Von Trotta really wanted to show how very, very concerned she was about the 28 years of history and by that overplaying her hand. She should either have elaborated the drama more, or have taken the trouble for a more thorough interpretation of the political situation. As it is now it is a "everything political happens to poor us" drama. (5/10)

Reviewed by suchenwi 8 / 10 / 10

Nice, deep detail

As the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall approaches, I re-watched this film with more pleasure than the first time around. Others have commented much of what I'd have to say. But one particularly touching scene stuck most in my memory: Alexander (from West Berlin) brings a toy panda bear to his half-sister Elizabeth (in East Berlin). He suggests they could go to the Western Zoo to watch a live animal. But Konrad, their father, knows this isn't possible at the time, and suggests the Eastern Tierpark instead - but they don't have pandas there, only brown bears. So at night, he takes the panda from sleeping Elizabeth's arms, and paints it brown... Just retelling this little part of the film makes tears well up in my eyes again.

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