David Blaine: Ascension

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colman01 2 / 10 / 10

Nothing to do with magic - also it's MEH.

The spoiler is you'll be bored even at 2x speed. Saw it on youtube linked from Philip DeFranco. Watched the initial few mins of him talking to his daughter - felt the scripted sugar cringe magically remove any excitement I might have had. That lead to me skipping ahead a few times to absolutely nothing happening. Watched a segment where the audio was absolutely inaudible with groundcrew. Skipped to him finally "jumping" and subsequently landing. I wasted all of 10 mins on this 187 mins thing and that was 8 mins too much. A german guy (Felix Baumgartner) did something similar a while back, but he jumped from the Stratosphere instead. While that also had a lot of filler it was a lot more interesting (I actually watched it and all the red tape and training and stuff) and warrants at least a watch of the highlights real at 1.30 mins TLDR; Check it out if you think it might interest you, but it contains no illusion or magic trick or anything like that. It's 187 mins of mostly MEH for one guy to jump from some ballons with a parachute and land. I'm sure it was fun for David Blaine, that however does not qualify it as entertainment for others.

Reviewed by jonasatmosfera 1 / 10 / 10

It is beyond belief...

Because is too stupid. People have been sky diving.since always Lots of people have attached themselves to balloons and flown around since always too. People have jumped from more than 100.00 feet high in a more interesting and professional way. And they made a show almost 3 hour long about a guy skydiving from 24900 feet? For David Blane, I am sure that was awesome...as a TV show it is like a boring relative that comes to visit and never leaves. Total waste of time. This is one of these shows that needs some heavy editing to remove 80% of the dull boring parts.

Reviewed by sucraf 1 / 10 / 10


3 hrs of him preparing and holding balloons and landing. I think there was one magic trick? I skipped and fasted through this crap. The landing with the parachute was like 30 mins alone. Why David, why? What happened to you David? If you thought his other stunts were dumb, watch this if you don't fall asleep half way through.

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