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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rengarcia-14030 10 / 10 / 10

Technically Nice

I enjoyed this suspense/thriller since I wasn't entirely aware of the entire premise or story and I came from it not being disappointed, as I have been with more contemporary productions. Lately, I've seen movies that totally rely on a gore and violence fest to keep the audience entertained. I liked the characters who were not over-the-top and pretty much kept the story going in the movie. The camera work was quite smooth and artsy without having to resort to craggy shots from one scene to another, which I see in modern thrillers. I was entertained enough to like it for a Saturday night pick.

Reviewed by lcherresse 8 / 10 / 10


This movie was dry, boring, and just stupid. The characters were making unbelievably stupid decisions. The acting was just ok. Wish I could get my time back.

Reviewed by marian-g 8 / 10 / 10


Well I have to be a bit biased with the review since I used to be an aspiring photographer myself. Another guaranteed TV movie ride by Lifetime Movies in the suspense/thriller section. In this movie in the exact order first the suspense and then thrilling end which could have happened in real life (that's why I get the bad review of previous reviewer about unbelievability) but still in far-fetched novel more likely. I do not agree with the commenting that the movie is "very boring" or "predictable". Ok, it's not the edge of your seat movie but the storyline and the interaction of main characters within the substantial part of movie is electrifying and gradually building up towards the dramatic end. My 8/10 rating is also due to beautiful camera work, environment near the lake and classy feel and the choice of the very main talented/ convincing character.

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