Dead Water



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November 4, 2019



Casper Van Dien as The Saint
Griff Furst as Itchy
Judd Nelson as Manny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb-2920 3 / 10 / 10

Three annoying people on a boat

Hey, characters, we're all having a tense time. Let's go on a small boat where there's nothing to do in the middle of nowhere and drink a lot. Great idea. Every character in this schlockfest is a cheap ripoff you've seen before: Newscaster "babe" is a low-rent Renée Zellweger with the annoying voice of Leslie Mann. Unfortunately, she's the only sensible character. Pirate guy is the Dollar Tree version of the bad guy who is always standing in the back left of the mob boss's office. Normally he never gets any lines. This movie shows you why. The two main guys are basically indistinguishable. No, wait, the creepier guy has a cleft chin.

Reviewed by ariyanto-18808 5 / 10 / 10

dont waste your time

Dont waste your time to watch this film, so bad, even the film is not better than the trailer/poster picture.

Reviewed by julianxbishop 5 / 10 / 10

Boat with some action (towards the end)

We went to the "World Premiere" of this movie along with 30 or so others. It's a distinctly average action picture set mostly in the middle of the ocean on high end boat. The acting and production are OK, but the film is let down by its structure and its general lack of suspense. I think it is supposed to a mixed genre film: action/suspense. A fundamental problem is that the action really only comes in the third act. The low budget for the film means that the action is of relatively low impact. Another fundamental issue is the lack of suspense in the movie. One of the main characters is obviously a sleaze-ball, so there is no surprise later when he isn't what he seems. There is a lot of scenes of the high end boat which really could be taken directly from the manufacturer's sales video. One of these is used twice in the movie! Ok to watch if you are streaming one evening, though frankly there are better things to watch.

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