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Burt Reynolds as Tommy Vinson
Jennifer Tilly as Karen 'Razor' Jones
Lyle Brocato as New Player #2
Shannon Elizabeth as Michelle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by intelearts 3 / 10 / 10

It looks like ANOTHER ad for a poker conglomerate

Another dud poker film. Why? Two main reasons; firstly, it does not look and feel like film. The script is really lazy: where was the REAL education, where was something we haven't seen a thousand times before. It is no way and at no time touches the heart and soul of the game. Plus it just looks and feels like a TV made movie: there is no attempt to use film to compliment the story, the grading, lighting, editing etc; are some of the most unoriginal I've seen for a while (And don't get me started on Reynold's hairpiece). And secondly, and for my money this is incredibly off putting the whole film reeks of being an ad for a poker company and its site - there is just no integrity, and not enough fun, excitement, or film here. The positives are the chemistry between the leads is good and that makes it just viewable for a really lazy beer and pizza night... But it's really just 90 minutes of regurgitated slick willy crap. Hugely disappointing, the best thing about this was the trailer....

Reviewed by stephengraley 8 / 10 / 10

Burt Showing his age...

It would appear from the comments that this is the worst movie in history !!!!, well its not really. I am not going to say its award winning material because it is not. I watched the movie from start to finish and not once did i look at my watch thinking isn't it about time this finished. Burt is looking old which is a shame as to me he will always be JJ from Cannonball Run with Capt Chaos (Dom DeLuise) for Company. Shannon Elizabeth is totally wasted, looked good though and why Jennifer Tilly was in this movie was beyond me. the story was predictable with no great surprises. I could have written the finale 30 minutes into the film however it does keep you captivated. I felt you actually cared about the characters which is pretty unusual. Watch it, enjoy it, forget about it would be my advice.

Reviewed by MartinMaras 8 / 10 / 10

Great Poker flick - but not more

To make it short: the story is awful - poker hot-shot and his old mentor meet on the final table - and so is the acting - I really don't know what Charles Durning has lost in this movie! But if you like poker (like I do), you' ll love this film. Popular professionals have differentcameo scenes, the scenes which take place at the poker table are very entertaining and well made. Burt Reynolds does a good job, I think that he had a lot of fun doing this movie. By the way: Meg Tilly is one of the best female poker players ever (in real life), so this must have been her intention by acting here (if you have the guts to call this an acting). If you don't like poker, you'll find this flick boring and the plot really stupid. So your decision to watch it or not should be really easy!

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