Death Wish II


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10 / 10

Better than original arguably the best masterpiece sequel of all time!

Death Wish II (1982) is arguably the best masterpiece sequel of all time! It is my personal favorite action sequel from the 80's. Since a month away in March 2nd Death Wish remake is coming out with Bruce Willis, I am reviewing all Death Wish films. I am a huge Death Wish fan and Charles Bronson - "Die Hard" fan. This is a sequel to the original classic 1974 film Death Wish. It was brilliantly directed by Michael Winner who once again teamed up with Charles Bronson. This film is very entertaining, fast paced, not boring not dramatic real action movie. I love this film to death I grew up watching it. It is long only 1 hr and 28 mins. it is not that long. It is my third favorite "Death Wish" film in the series I always enjoy it. This is an action packed stylish revenge flick in the 80's. this movie was filmed in 1981 and come out in 1982, the same year that First Blood come out. The first Rambo film is my all time favorite action film alongside with death Wish II. This sequel in my opinion is better than the original because it has more action and it is styled on a revenge. Charles Bronson is back as Paul Kersey the original vigilante. The film was filmed in Los Angeles, California in which the plot was set. Charles Bronson's wife Jill Ireland was in here and she played Kersey's girlfriend. In all Death Wish films Jill Ireland's character Geri Nichols was the only one who wasn't killed off. Charles Bronson refused that his real wife is assaulted and brutalized so she did come on in this movie and she was brilliant, not only gorgeous but she arguably acted brilliantly well. Charles Bronson is fantastic as Architect Paul Kersey getting revenge on a muggers who raped and killed his house keeper and his daughter. It is time to settle the score. He is excellent and it is his best performance in here. Paul kersey is his best role in my opinion. I love this film to death, I saw it as a kid I watched the trilogy. Death Wish 1,2 and 3 were all directed by Michael Winner which he did a brilliant job as the director. The film has a lot of action real bloody squibs it is rated R. It has rape, explosions, great gun fights and great shootouts. Paul kersey is looking for 5 rapist and killers who brutalized his daughter. I love how Paul tracks the first killer down and shoots him right in the chest. "You believe in Jesus? ,Yes, I do. Well, you're gonna meet him." bang he shoot's him dead. Paul Kersey saves an older men and his wife from been raped again and he kills most of the rapists and save the couple before they would be killed. He shoots down the second mugger in a final attempt he shoots' him dead. I love how Paul Kersey is tracking down the killers one by one like a Predator. I love the idea that actor Vincent Gardenia as Det. Frank Ochoa returned from the original film to be in this sequel. He stood up from Paul, he saved Paul's life, he killed the sniper aiming on Paul and sacrifice him self. Vincent Gardenia's brilliant performance too bad he is no longer with us anymore. In the final shoot out with a lot of automatic weapons, Paul kill's two out of three muggers one get's away. He kill's their friends too who are arm's dealers. He shoot's with his Beretta 84 one shooter trough window glass of the car and the mugger Jiver (Laurence Fishburne) in the head of radio when he tried to flee and he killed him. I love the final fight between Paul and Nirvana (Thomas F. Duffy). Charles Bronson did his own stunts, but in which Nirvana pushes Paul in the wall you can see that was Bronson's stuntman. All the actors in this movie does a fine job. No CGI or shaky cam, real actions, real guns and automatic weapons all made for real. I love action movies like this. Jimmy Page makes a music score for the Death Wish that I love specially in the beginning of the credits. Jimmy Page replaced Herbie Hancock. Actress Robin Sherwood replaced actress Kathleen Tolan who was playing Carol Kersey, Paul's daughter. It was never explained what happened to Steven Keats character Jack Toby from the first film. The muggers in this movie are: Thomas F. Duffy, Kevyn Major Howard, Stuart K. Robinson, Laurence Fishburne (as Laurence Fishburne III), E. Lamont Johnson and they are believable. In this movie one of the muggers was also Laurence Fishburne who was called that time in the 80's Larry he also played in Red Heat and A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors and he acted well in this movie. Michael Winner brilliantly directs this stylish action masterpiece and David Engelbach writes an excellent script that delivers. I always enjoy this film and it is one of the best sequels in the Death Wish series. My all time number 1 favorite is Death Wish 3 this is my third favorite "Death Wish" film. Death Wish II is a 1982 crime thriller action film directed by Michael Winner. It is the first of four sequels to the 1974 film Death Wish. 10/10 it is my favorite action film in "Death Wish" series. Today all action movies are wrong in Hollywood they don't make em' like this anymore. Charles Bronson was the best actor.

Reviewed by lastliberal-853-253708 7 / 10 / 10

Lady, you scream and disturb the neighbors, we'll cut you into little pieces and eat you for dinner!

Well, we don't get the great Herbie Hancock score of the first movie, but we do get Jill Ireland, Mrs. Bronson, in one of her last films, directed as Death Wish I and III, by Michael Winner. We also get what I feel is the biggest collection of scumbags ever assembled. Thomas F. Duffy as Nirvana, Kevyn Major Howard as Stomper, Stuart K. Robinson as Jiver, Laurence Fishburne as Cutter, and E. Lamont Johnson as Punkut. It was fitting that the first kill occurred in a rat- infested building, and the last was an electrocution. Vincent Gardenia is back to track down Kersey after he starts again in Los Angeles. Unlike the serious and tragic first film, this is more focused and revenge-oriented. A good film, nonetheless.

Reviewed by AaronCapenBanner 7 / 10 / 10

Controversial Sequel.

Charles Bronson reunites with director Michael Winner in this highly controversial sequel that sees poor Paul Kersey in L.A, and once again the target of degenerate muggers/gangsters, who viciously attack his housekeeper and daughter Carol(again!) leading to their deaths. Enraged, Paul Kersey returns to his vigilante ways, bringing on the attentions of New York cop Frank O'Choa(Vincent Gardenia again) who is sent to stop Kersey, but ends up helping him instead...Jill Ireland plays his new girlfriend. Sequel pulls no punches in the violence and assaults(too much so I would agree, difficult to watch) yet otherwise delivers the expected vigilante retribution in effective and stylish fashion, depicting the stark nature of the streets memorably. Rarely will a film deliver to its core audience exactly what it wants(Bronson killing criminals with no remorse or soul-searching.) Powerfully presented crowd-pleaser is not as well made as the first,(some of the dialogue is wooden) but remains a guilty pleasure for those who want to see satisfying vigilante drama with their favorite actor delivering it without mercy. The ending is marvelous, and a perfect coda for the mission/fate of Paul Kersey.

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