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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seymourblack-1 8 / 10 / 10

Strong Passions That Lead To Murder

Rainy Manhattan streets, shadowy interiors and expressionistic cinematography all contribute to the dark atmosphere of this romantic melodrama in which deception, jealousy and fear are prevalent throughout. Its story about a love triangle that involves classical musicians is characterised by mendacity, suspicion and passions that run so high that they eventually lead to murder and there's also an ever-present tension that exists because the stakes are so high for everyone involved. As it's based on the play "Monsieur Lamberthier" by Louis Verneuil, it's no surprise that some passages of the movie are stagy but on the more positive side, it also features a superior script with lots of witty dialogue to enjoy. Struggling pianist Christine Radcliffe (Bette Davis) and talented cello player Karel Novak (Paul Henreid) are thrilled to meet up again in New York City after a long separation. The couple had known each other in Europe during World War 11 and Christine had returned home believing that her lover had been killed. After she takes Karel back to her penthouse apartment in Manhattan, he's suitably impressed but also wonders how she can afford to live in such surroundings and to pay for the fur coats that he sees in her wardrobe. She tells him that she gets well paid for giving piano lessons to students from well-off families. The couple decide to get married without delay and during their wedding party are surprised by the arrival of world-famous composer Alexander Hollenious (Claude Rains) who, as Christine's mentor, says he's concerned about how marriage might affect her dedication to her musical development and also mentions that Christine has never given piano lessons professionally. Hollenious has an overbearing manner and is obviously bitter and jealous about Christine getting married. His conduct at the party becomes so inappropriate that, after his departure, the other guests quickly disperse. Christine, who for some years had been enjoying the material benefits of being Hollenious' mistress, fears that he might tell Karel about their affair and when he offers Karel the opportunity to perform the cello solo in his newly-composed concerto, Christine becomes very suspicious of his motives. Knowing what Hollenious is capable of, she fears that he might be using the situation as a means to damage her new husband's career but the way in which subsequent events unfold, prove to be full of surprises for Christine, Karel and Hollenious. Acting styles obviously change over the years but Claude Rains' performance in this movie is so outrageously entertaining that it transcends any such concerns. The impact he makes in the wedding party scene and at a dinner that Hollenious arranges (purely to disconcert Karel) before the rehearsal for the new concerto, is absolutely tremendous as he dominates both scenes completely. Bette Davis looks shifty as she has to keep telling lie after lie to conceal her secret and Paul Henreid looks troubled throughout as a man who becomes suspicious of both Christine and Hollenious and struggles to cope with his fragile mental and emotional state (which is a consequence of his experiences during the War). "Deception" features some good camera-work with numerous well-framed shots and effective camera angles playing their part in enhancing the action. Interesting use is also made of mirrors, for example when Karel sees Christine for the first time and in a sequence where Christine, looking at her reflection, smoothly changes to Hollenious doing the same thing. This movie isn't a classic but is nevertheless, very enjoyable both for its entertaining plot and Rains' exceptional performance.

Reviewed by Bucs1960 9 / 10 / 10

"I'm what you made me, Christine"

Speaking this line is the only time that Claude Rains shows his true feeling for Bette Davis in this overwrought but oh so enjoyable film. Rains, playing a vitriolic maestro, has the time of his life with this role as he spits venom all over the set. Even Davis has a hard time holding her own with this old pro, who was a favorite co-star of hers. The plot of this film has been repeated already in these boards; suffice it to say, Bette is petrified that Rains will spill the beans on their long affair to her new husband Paul Henried. Nobody could be as naive as Henreid when he finds Davis living in a fantastic loft apartment surrounded by art treasure and furs and not suspect something beyond her explanation that she "takes pupils" for music instruction. She piles one lie upon another until the chickens come home to roost and Rains, rejected and highly ticked off, threatens to tell all to the innocent and obviously stupid husband. Murder then ensues. Claude Rains is the only actor who could have played the part of the maestro without looking like a total ham. He was such an elegant actor who swept all his co-stars off the screen and this role was one of the highlights in his long career. Frankly, I don't apologize for loving this overblown soap opera!!!!

Reviewed by Handlinghandel 9 / 10 / 10

This Movie, Seen On TV 30 Years After Its Release, Gave Me An Education In Music

The world's greatest living composer, Alexnder Hollenius. Those words echoed in my dreams as a young man. The Haydn, Schubert, and Mozart used so artfully by Korngold did too. And his cello concerto is a fine work in itself! The plot is minimal and at the same time overblown. Bette Davis and Hollsnius (the always brilliant Rains)have been "involved," a bit scandalously for the time of the movie's release. Enter Bette's true love, thought bu her to by dead, Henreid: a cello virtuoso. The rest is kind of paint by numbers but it's very chic and well played (especially by the imperious Maestro, Rains.) However, the score is sublime and right up there at the top of uses of music by American movies. Had this been directed by Max Ophuls, it would have been a great movie. As it is, it's a very, very good movie. A movie with lovely sounds and many moments of high camp.

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