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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thrill_KillZ 2 / 10 / 10

Paying to see this would be a very bad "Decision"

Well after seeing the high rating & then seeing that there was 21 votes of ten I should have passed on this, when the cast votes you know they are severely desperate for attention. Everything about it felt so amateurish. The acting was so wooden that it was evident that the cast was just picked up off the street, Haim included did nothing for this film. Also the production value was very low & it had too many clichés. I can't really come up with any redeeming qualities, the story was uninteresting & the characters were unlikable. That's about all their is to say, avoid it and do not pay to see it, I'm not usually this negative especially for shoe-string budgets but this is just another crappy film in the long line of bad films that I've been seeing lately. The director & the writer hopefully will never get work again. Just watch some TV programming instead, you'll get more satisfaction out of it. 2/10

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 3 / 10 / 10

Corey Heim's last movie. After a tragic career and life this is a fitting end. Could have been worse, but not much. I say C-

"At the time things might seem like a good idea, but later on you find out that it's only the beginning of your troubles." A group of friends are having problems with money. They don't have enough and are in desperate need. They do what any logical people would do in that situation. They rob a bank. When things go wrong the money is wanted by more then just them. A crooked cop (Heim) will do anything to get it. That's when things go from bad to worse. This movie is being promoted as Corey Heim's last movie. I think the reason they are doing that is because that is really the only reason to see this. The budget is about $20 and the acting is just above high school plays. I'm not one of those people who think that the budget a movie has is directly related to how good it is though. I look at the quality of the whole and not just one aspect. That said there is really nothing good about this at all. The idea is overused and the acting is bad. It is a shame that after starting off so promising Corey Heim went out on this movie. Overall, not a good movie to remember Heim by. Watch "Lost Boys" again instead. I give it a C-

Reviewed by innocuous 3 / 10 / 10

This is actually another version of "Tales From the Hood"

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this movie wasn't it. After a very confusing introduction to the main characters, you soon learn that a mysterious ghetto stranger is going to teach some kids what's right and what's wrong through a story about what might happen if they make bad decisions. There are other movies that dwell at length on the theme of bearing the responsibilities of the decisions one makes, but this film instead tries to emulate "Tales From the Hood" (i.e., people who make bad decisions that hurt other people will die horrible, if appropriate, deaths). The only difference is that there are no supernatural forces in this film. By itself, this isn't a bad thing, but the execution is pretty sloppy here. The acting is mostly amateurish (though Corey Haim and Vitale really ham it up and make watching them at least worthwhile). The sound is highly variable and I had to keep turning up the volume in parts to understand the dialogue. And it may be a low-budget film, but they apparently got a bulk rate on squibs. Back to the "bad decisions thing" of the major problems I had with this film is that it isn't a case of making a few bad decisions. No, the characters are (basically) bad people. With the exception of Haim's new partner, I didn't like them or the way they behaved. I didn't care about them or what happened to them. Really. Zero sympathy. They had made many bad decisions over the courses of their lives. The total lack of sympathy is fatal in a film like this. I would avoid this film.

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