Deep in the Valley



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November 11, 2020


Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowski / Rex Dangervest
Denise Richards as Diana Evans
Scott Caan as Alexander Clarke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joxerlives 7 / 10 / 10

Surprising fun for such a cheesy concept

Quite liked this, very entertaining and not just in terms of the plentiful softcore cheesecake on display. The porn world is so riven with clichés that it's obviously fit for satire as Boogie Nights so ably proved. Really like Chris Pratt's character and his ideal porn girl is surprisingly sweet, so happy that they end up together in the end. Also liked the porn cop who speaks in nothing but meaningless porn film law enforcement clichés, complete with the 2 hulking, nearly mute cohorts you inevitably find in such films. And Kim Kardashian and Denise Richards as guest stars? Wow! Surprised they didn't have some real porn stars taking part too although maybe I just missed them? Needless to say loads of tasteful nudity from some incredibly beautiful women, actually watched this on YouTube, surprised they allowed it as they don't normally permit any, even if this was a 15 certificate? Perhaps because virtually no one actually has any sex despite the risqué subject matter? Two more things I'd like to have seen, firstly Chris Pratt's porn star girlfriend adapting to the real world, finding out what you can't do in a non-porn reality. Secondly a better ending. Chris Pratt's beautiful but shrewish ex-girlfriend staggering drunkenly into the liquor store and bitchily demanding more tequila after her break up. Shift to Scott Caan's ex-porn star cop who is now the liquor store clerk raising an eyebrow to the camera. Back to some sexy cheerleaders dancing and then finish the film with Scott Caan and the ex-girlfriend coming out of the storeroom breathless, sweaty and putting their clothes back on. "Can I have some tequila please?" she asks, now much more subdued. He passes it to her but grips her hand as she receives it. "If you ever want some more you know where to come!" he tells her. She raises a saucy eyebrow "Count on it!"

Reviewed by alifaras95 8 / 10 / 10

Fun To Watch But Not That Funny

Deep in the valley is one of the repeated comedy adult movies. The story is nice, I liked the time traveling to adult world, it was funny. Chris Pratt and Brendan Hines acting was so good, especially Chris Pratt which he now became famous in his career. Scott Caan was good too acting the role of the villain cop. the girls in the movie were extremely beautiful for an adult film. I loved their acting.I think this movie will be good if the director worked hard on it.Moreover, the comedy in Deep in the Valley was above average thats why I rated it 6/10,but it could get more rating if it was more funnier.At the end, I think Deep in the valley is good movie to watch for one time only.

Reviewed by nammage 8 / 10 / 10

If You've Seen 90s Porn Flicks: This Should Be Hilarious

I saw my first pornographic film when I was eight years old. I found it under my parents bed looking for spare change. I was like, "Why would they hide a movie here?" and I popped in to the VCR (remember those?) and had absolutely no idea what I was watching. When I got to Junior High, kids (boys) were looking at women in their underwear in the back of the Sears and/or JCPenney catalogs. After high school I got invited to this 4-day birthday party for a friend. The guy who's house it was at was a bit of a dweeb but our dweeb and he thought softcore pornography was no different than hardcore pornography. There was a girl there who slept with a lot of the guys at the party (mainly the birthday boy before he got way too drunk) and I asked her if she'd sleep with the guy who's house it was because he had no idea what sex was. The point is: porn is fake. Fake in the sense of the scenarios not the actual sex unless softcore. This film reminded me of 90s pornography. I was a teenager in the early half and in my early 20s in the later half. It was hilarious then as this movie is now and I feel this movie did a great job in poking fun at that. I laughed throughout this entire film. It was hilarious. All I got to say.

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