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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scotland_jewel 6 / 10 / 10

What a cutie!

First, before one watches this film, one must remember it was one of Shah Rukh Khans first films, filmed in 1992. Therefore, it may seem a bit dated. The clothes, hairstyles (all but SRKs, as his hair is classic and, and dance routines may all seem a bit odd at first, but you soon get use to it, as one would watching a Hollywood film from the sixties. The viewer must also remember that Shah Rukh Khan is not the star of the film, Kapoor is the star, all be it, an ageing one. Which does make it a bit difficult to believe he could be the love interest and object of desire of young girls. You will have to wait a while before Shah Rukh finally appears on screen, but trust me, it will be well worth the wait. Although at times one must suspend disbelief through must of the film,this is a very sweet film.

Reviewed by nitap 8 / 10 / 10

Deewana for SRK!

Shah Rukh Khan's debut from Television Star to Movie Star was a great surprise! Rishi Kapoor and the late Divya Bharti did a wonderful job as did our hero SRK who is looking mighty hot, young and full of energy in this action/love story. It is fun to go back and watch the styles of the movies made in the 80's and early 90's. They can have cliché's and corny scenes sometimes but they are still fun to watch. This movie is about a jealous uncle played by Puri who comes between the love story of Kapoor and Bharti. Shah Rukh Khan enters the movie at the right time to save the day and the rest is action packed and enjoyable. Watch this movie if you are a fan of SRK or Bharti who did a fine job. The songs were good and the dance number of Aisi Deewangi is always a fun watch! Also just to set the record straight, Shah Rukh Khan did NOT crown himself as the Baadshah of Bollywood, that was a title he has earned which anyone can truly see why if you just watch the line of work he has done from Deewana to Don!

Reviewed by HeadleyLamarr 8 / 10 / 10

8 stars to SRK for rescuing us from the pudgy pop star!

I finally got around to seeing this film. I knew that SRK was not lead billed but boy was the wait long and painful. Why any one in their right mind would have fallen for puff haired, no waistline, buck toothed Rishi Kapoor was completely mystifying. At first I thought maybe he was like an aging Elvis or something, but this man had no charisma, no personality, nothing. Yet the perky Divya falls for him and all is blissful - awful dance numbers with numerous girls in yellow all over the hill side and all.. I have given up hope that the movie will go anywhere, when BAM the pop star is gone, and things begin to look up. Divya looks way hotter in white than she did in the first half. Then the young Romeo (SRK) arrives on the scene and the story becomes much much more interesting. Hearts and minds are won over and a new love story unfolds. But the dead don't stay dead and we have to kill them yet again, it is Bollywood after all. I think this movie might be one right at the cusp of changing over in style from the terrible eighties into the nineties. They did one half to keep the eighties crowd in and the second half to ring in the nineties. And am I glad the eighties are truly gone! Watch it to see Divya Bharti in a creditable performance, too bad she is gone. Watch it to see SRK as a young man playing the deewaana (demented), the angry, the lovelorn - and all done very well. Amrish Puri does not disappoint either. All in all an 8 just to see SRK take an absolutely rubbishy film into the realm of entertainment.

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