Deliver Us from Eva

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Kenya Moore as Renee Johnson
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Terry Crews as Tank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miken-3 9 / 10 / 10

Very Enjoyable

I caught this movie on cable the other night never hearing about it before and I was pleasantly surprised by this well-made and highly entertaining film. Three friends hire a Romeo (Cool Jay) type "player" to try to romance and dump the ultimate "dragon lady" (Eva) who manipulates their women and eat up and spits out men without a thought. The idea is that the Romeo will dump Eva making her leave and then they can have control over their women and their lives. Not to give anything away but the longer Cool Jay "romances" Eva, he finds himself forgetting his purpose and falling for Eva. Also, as Cool Jay gets closer to Eva, life only gets worse for the three friends that hired him, much to their chagrin. Cool Jay gives an excellent and believable performance as the "player" and the actress that plays Eva is also perfect. There are several hilarious scenes that had me laughing out loud. The "Women only" club that is the beauty parlor has several enjoyable scenes as well.

Reviewed by nifabs 6 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly Warm!!!

Despite criticism, this manages to deliver a bit of comedy and drama. Gabrielle Union gives a standout performance as the unbelievable Eva Dandridge who needs someone like Ray to knock her from her high horse but she's that way cos she's taken too many knocks from life. She is pure evil. LL Cool J is a bit too neat or not too expressive maybe it's the role maybe not but he cuts a slightly bland figure. Between the two of them,they manage to create a cracking chemistry that sizzles and makes all other characters pale by comparison. This movie was touching and sincere for a Black movie(a trait which is played down in most Black flicks), there's been a recent departure from the gangsta and hood epics or drugs and money flicks. Gabrielle Union was a delight to watch as ice queen Eva Dandridge(who's been jilted by a one time-fiancée), watching over her sisters with a ruthless passion and closely guarding her heart against intrusion. I kinda felt sympathy when I realised she'd given up on her life (when her parents died)to raise and care for her siblings, but the time came to take a backseat, she moved on and was woman enough to breach the gap she'd created between her siblings and their men. LL Cool J was smooth as the player who took her on a bet. I admire the way he brought Eva down to earth, that's what women respect in a man. Knowing your own self worth, never kowtowing to them but meeting them at the right point and giving in only if need be. This may sound sexist but show me a sista or woman who'd respect her man if he yessed to her all the time. Not One!! Gabrielle and J simply stole the movie, the supporting cast are just supporting(no insults meant), there was no one who came close to touching the two leads not because they were the stars but they infused strength and dynamism into their respective roles, they breathed life into them... It's good to see Black movies with a forte like this; it portrays us as intelligent and coming of age, which we did centuries ago anyway!! LEAD ME INTO THIS!!!! 10/10

Reviewed by Mr_Sensitive 6 / 10 / 10

Nice Movie Overall

Another movie base on William Shakespeare - The Taming of the Shrew but this time a black and older people version. (No racism intended) Three Friends hired Ray to escort Eva, so that she would be out of their marriage life after she influence too much on their wife. Though I have seen this in Ten Things I Hate About You, I still very much enjoying this movie and somewhat surpass my expectation. LL Cool J is great here and the flow of the movie is just right. Overall this is a good adaptation. Recommendation: If You Are Over 25 Watch This, Younger Watch 10 Things I Hate About You. Rating: 6.5/10 (Grade: C+)

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