Delivery Boys


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Annabelle Gurwitch as Woman with Big Hat
Lisa Vidal as Tina
Rodney Harvey as Fast Action
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lightkeeper-1 8 / 10 / 10

Delivery Boys delivers!

Disregarding what the other poster (thus far) says of this movie, I actually enjoyed it. So much that I have been searching for a DVD. I recorded it off TV shortly after it was released and even though the quality was not the best on VHS, I converted it to disc on my DVD recorder for my own use. I recently purchased a VHS copy from Amazon and plan on making another copy, again for my own use, on disc. Hopefully the quality will improve. Very few of the actors/actresses have ever gone on to bigger roles, but that doesn't mean a lack of talent. The dancers are good, the situations are funny and I give it a 8+ for entertainment.

Reviewed by cynet-52332 1 / 10 / 10

Poor Delivery Of A Dance Movie!

Terrible acting, terrible music, terrible dancing, terrible plot. How this rubbish made it to the cinema is anyones guess.

Reviewed by kevvy 1 / 10 / 10

I remember this film

Me and a friend went to the theater one day and saw this film because another movie was sold out or something... To this day whenever we say a movie is bad we always compare it to this move... "It's not as bad as Delivery Boys" "You should have seen Delivery Boys if you thought that was bad." I don't know why, but this movie just stuck out as awful, and has forever earned a home in our psyches.

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