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Brett Halsey as Dr. Carl Neilson Jr.
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Reviewed by haildevilman 6 / 10 / 10

A slight mis-step from Il Maestro

It didn't stink, but it was nowhere near the brilliance of "Zombie." It was more like "Gates Of Hell," a so-so plot with some decent scenes to keep us interested. Italian nuns get crucified in medieval Italy for...wait for it...being a secret satanic coven. Years later (aka present day) they rise and attack a Canadian archaeology team digging under the ancient churches. Lucio re-did his zombie films with nuns. There's some good creepy atmosphere here. And the story itself isn't bad, it just doesn't really take off. Al Cliver gets a cameo role and the Maestro himself shows up as a (what else?) high-ranking cop. And Canadian Brett Halsey does a good job in the lead. The drawn and quarter scene, despite the shoddy effects, (DeRossi where were you?) will make a few of you cringe. It seemed to ape Deodato's "Cut And Run" scene stealer. It makes a good addition if you're a completist, but Lucio's done better.

Reviewed by stmichaeldet 5 / 10 / 10

Nuns on the Run

Meet Paul Evans, the world's worst archeology professor. He's arrogant, self-centered, disdainful towards other cultures, and dismissive of his students' opinions. And while we never see any direct evidence that he's sleeping with his star pupil, Liza, his condescension, paternalism, and control-freaky behavior pretty much clinches that deal. In the real world, he should've imploded from the weight of his own obnoxious ego long ago, but without him, Demonia would probably be a non-starter, so I guess we have to put up with him. But it's Liza who's got the real problems here. She's got some kinda psychic link to a group of five dead Satanist nuns who are angry that the villagers rose up and crucified them lo these many years ago. (But isn't that what angry villagers do?) So they trick Liza into freeing them so they can wreak their unholy revenge upon . . . the archeology team? What did they do? Or maybe Liza is possessed, and she's the killer? She does spend part of the movie running around in an antique habit that she got from God-knows-where, and one of the killings is kinda set up to frame Paul, so maybe that's it. But then, why is there a ghost-nun running around in so many scenes? Hmmmm . . . Well, it really doesn't make too much sense if you try to think it through - it is an Italian shocker, after all. Once the killings start, plot goes out the window in favor of cool atmospherics and a hefty dose of gore. And there's gore a'plenty here - crucifixions, beheadings, mutilation, animal attacks, impalings; you name it, this movie will step up and drive a nail through it. As usual, you can count on Lucio Fulci to deliver the goods.

Reviewed by EVOL666 5 / 10 / 10

VERY Mediocre Fulci Fare...

Not the worst of Fulci's films (MANHATTAN BABY wins that dubious distinction in my book...) but DEMONIA takes so long to get to any of the classic Fulci "good-stuff", that you'll probably be asleep by then. Two archaeologists are digging around Sicily, and the locals don't like it too much. Apparently a group of nuns who were into group sex and Satanism once resided at the site of the dig. The locals don't like the scientists messing around in their backyards, and when some strange deaths occur around the dig-site, all hell breaks loose. Luckily, DEMONIA does come with the "goods" towards the end. A good tongue-hammering, and a guy split in half are a couple of the notable scenes - unfortunately, the story isn't interesting enough for you to care by the time you get there. Drawn out and boring storyline isn't saved by a few cool gore scenes. Worth a look to the TRUE Fulci fan - don't expect a gore-fest masterpiece...5/10

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