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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rutt13-1 7 / 10 / 10

1/2 the metal, 1/2 the gore, 2 times the cheez!

Certain films I love while having no explanation as to why...."DEMONS 2" is one of these films. Simply the exact same film as its predeccessor, only set in a high tech apartment building, it lacks a lot of the stuff that makes the first film great. There's no heavy metal on the soundtrack, very little blood, it's not nearly as scary or action-packed as the original, but it certainly makes me laugh. The early stuff with the group investigating the ruins of the city is pretty creepy but this all gives way to some hilarious dialogue, and a classic bout between demons and fitness buffs in the building's parking garage makes me smile every time. Though not nearly as bad as many people say it is, I guess "Demons 2" is enjoyable for mostly the wrong reasons.

Reviewed by dzong 10 / 10 / 10

Very gruesome. Surprisingly good.

Okay, first of all, anybody who is expecting The English Patient from a movie called "Demons 2" will be sorely disappointed. This is an 80s low-budget Italian horror movie and as such has serious plot, dubbing and acting problems. That said, this is actually a very good movie for the genre. The connection to the original movie is a bit blurry but it does try to connect the two together. Apparently somebody made a movie about the first incident, and it is this movie that "infects" a new building filled with badly-dubbed Italian actors. The make-up effects are quite good, and the demons pretty unsettling. I'd say this movie is on par with the original Demons (largely because it is almost exactly the same movie). This is a pretty brutal movie. None of the humorous subtext that you'd find in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" sequels, "Scream" or most other modern horror movies. Nope. Just a bunch of people desperately fighting to survive, and not doing a very good job of it. They aren't all stupid either....they do try. Unfortunately the screenwriters arranged it so that all the windows are unbreakable, and the electric doors unable to be opened. The movie also breaks some horror movie taboos as children were surprisingly made into victims. On a lighter note, I would also say that this is the first horror movie I have ever seen (barring Antichrist/Second Coming films)in which a character goes into labor while fighting demons. An entertaining horror movie.....Never looked at my watch once.

Reviewed by andrea89-838-332383 10 / 10 / 10

Do not take any notice of the negative reviews

Although humorous in parts this movie is by far one of the best horror films. I first watched this film when i was 7 years old and was scared out of my wits! I turned the electric off for months after!! In my opinion this is by far better than the original "Demons". This time it has more of a story line and is much more fast-paced. Obviously it has its faults but what horror movie suits everyone?! This movie has it all for me - frights (a highlight is definitely the demon emerging from the t.v set and sally's transformation), surprises (a child-demon) and a little humour (the "demon-dog" is still one of my favourite characters, always makes me smile) If you like good old cheesy horror films then this is the film for you. If you are some-one who likes every little detail to be perfect then look for another film, this will not suit you.

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