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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 10 / 10 / 10


This is the second film installment that I am aware of in this detective drama, following on from "The Keeper of Lost Causes". At first glance the translated title, "Killer of Pheasants", seems somewhat misleading. In fact, its well chosen. Pheasants demonstrate sexual dimorphism. That is the males are brightly coloured, whilst the females are plain. The wealthy male sexual predators at the heart of this tale, like male pheasants, appear to have everything. They lead bright, shining, seemingly flawless lives. By contrast, their female collaborator turned victim, suffers a bleak life of dispossession, but as we see she is, ultimately, a better human being. Indeed, this story is, arguably, as much about dispossession, as it is a crime story. It speaks to the destructive power of inequality and how money not only does not remedy human flaws but can, in fact, amplify them. Of course, its also a good crime thriller, with many subtle and often oblique, plot shifts. It takes time for all the intricate pieces of the crime puzzle to come together but when they do, its a very satisfying experience. The acting is outstanding. Nikolaj Lie Kaas skillfully reprises his role as Carl Morck. A socially awkward, self destructive but nonetheless brilliant, driven detective. Fares Fares returns as his long suffering but understanding partner, Assad. The comfortable chemistry between these two lead actors makes this film easy viewing. The other cast members, including the key villains of the piece, are well chosen and able actors who fit snugly into their respective roles. For some people, possibly the only shortcoming, may be the sexual violence inherent in the film. If you are of a sensitive disposition you may want to give this film a pass. That said, if you are not perturbed by the violence or the subtitles, this film is a must see. Ten out of ten from me.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10 / 10

Decent crime tale, less mystery than its predecessor but much more darker, obscene and gruesome than the first.

Saw this recently on a rented DVD. This is the follow up to the Keeper of lost causes. In this film, both Nikolaj n Fares need to solve another case because some time has passed since the success of their first case and their reputation is going down. A bereaved ex-cop appeals to Nicolaj to solve the murder of his two children. The ex cop kills himself after being refused. Feeling guilty, our two cops begin looking into the case, with all leads initially pointing towards an elite boarding school. Their search for the truth takes them in some unexpected places n a bandaged nose. Nicolaj after being attacked, gets a bandaged nose, a nod to Jack Nicholson's character from Chinatown. The plot may not be new or there may not be enuff mystery but the movie was captivating to hold your interest till the end. It's much more darker, obscene and gruesome than its predecessor. Its more of a crime tale n less of a mystery. Found it to be a lil disappointing because its not in the same league as its predecessor specially when it comes to suspense n tension. This film has lots flashbacks like the first one. Nonetheless it got saved by strong performances by all. Fares gave a very good performance n Nikolaj too gave a nice performance. A decent police procedural crime tale.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10 / 10

Good but very, very think twice about watching this one.

Horror Hunters is a Danish film directed by Mikkel Nørgaard. In its native land, this film recently became the highest grossing domestic film in history. Now it's coming to DVD internationally and you'll have a chance to see it as well. The film is an extremely graphic and unflinching crime film--one that you should be warned about before you decide to see it or not. While it's extremely well made, there are also some very graphic murders, tons of blood, rape and other bits of nastiness that make this a poor choice if you want to watch a film with the kids or your mother. Think twice before you'd consider doing, think three times! The film is a bit reminiscent of the American television shows "Cold Case" or "Cold Case Files" in that the story involves a police unit which investigates unsolved crimes. However, the case is unusual because someone has already been convicted of the crime. It seems that a police captain KNOWS there's much more to the case but has been unable to go further with the case. How he passes it on to the team is something...really, really something. This case turns out to be 20 years old. And, through the course of the film, it turns out that the case has a lot of similarities to other cases committed since--horrible, senseless and violent crimes committed for kicks. The key to solving this is a woman named Kimmee who disappeared long, long ago as well as her involvement with a pair of rich and malevolent prep school teens. But, solving any of these crimes will be very difficult, as the perpetrators are powerful and well connected. It's made even more difficult because one of the investigators is an emotional mess himself and you really aren't sure if he'll solve the crime or end up getting himself killed due to his recklessness and unwillingness to back down when he's pressured to do so by his superiors. As I first mentioned, the film is very graphic--much more so than I usually would watch. On the other hand, the plot is very intelligently written and the story is one that sucks you in and won't let you go until the guilty are brought to justice. For crimes of cop stories that don't mind a film that is very edgy and dark, this one is well worth seeing.

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