Devil's Pond


Drama / Thriller

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Kip Pardue as Mitch
Meredith Baxter as Terry Stone
Tara Reid as Beatrice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by oneofthetwelve 6 / 10 / 10

She should have known before saying 'I will' in the church..

A young couple gets married, and goes to honeymoon trip to the woods. Or a small cabin on a lake, whatever - in the middle of nowhere. The new husband turns out to have serious issues with social life, communication and his visions of life are just twisted. Julianne's honeymoon will turn into a true nightmare. She will find herself marooned and chained, the only way out is by swimming after wiping off the obstacles, Mitch being the biggest one. The plot carries on nicely, it's not boring at all, just full of 'goofs', but if that doesn't matter, it's okay entertainment for evening. The biggest goof being how could she not know his boyfriend is a boy fiend indeed? They dated over one year before getting married, and this honeymoon brings out the true husband? The scary thing is, there actually exist people like this, both female and male.. Mitch's behavior is exactly like one from Criminal Minds. In my mind I created a small profile about him, heh.

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 6 / 10 / 10

Tries very hard. Deserves a chance because of the effort.

I had a difficult time trying to decide whether to watch or not the movie. I mean, it stared Tara Reid! Soon after the plot develops, I found myself paying attention to the events but only because of Tara Reid's intention to act decently. Let's face it, she's not a good actress but at least in this movie she tries to to do it fine. Kudos for her; she tried it at least. After convincing myself that she did a nice effort, the movie delivered a fine surprise for me when it became a thriller about a psychopath husband trying to convince his new hot bride that he really loves her although he stalked her before and well, more twisted situations. True, the acting is not that good (Kip Pardue delivers a fine performance though) and you need proved, talented actors to carry on 90 minutes of an intense dialog; I mean, there are only two characters in the whole movie. The settings are really good and somber, plus the situations ask for a sad atmosphere. Well done for the cinematography and art direction. Overall this is a movie to just watch once and when it airs on cable. It's not a keeper or memorable, but it still deserves a slight chance.

Reviewed by wes-connors 6 / 10 / 10

Nice Looking Honeymoon Gets Nasty

Handsome and muscular Kip Pardue (as Mitchell "Mitch" Whalen) takes sexy blonde bride Tara Reid (as Julianne) to honeymoon in a little love shack on a small Montana island surrounded by water. From the bruised and bloody opening, we know this is going to be a bad trip. After a few days of good sex, Ms. Reid finds out she's very likely trapped on the island. Reid is also nervous and afraid around water. She never learned how to swim. Her cell phone doesn't work, either. He looks great wearing only his jeans, but Mr. Pardue shows psycho possibilities. Making matters worse, Pardue is close to running out of cigarettes... There isn't much of a story here, so director Joel Viertel deserves credit for sustaining some interest as scenes progress. The co-stars are about all you'll see; they are good looking and beautifully photographed, by Matthew Jensen. Pardue and Mr. Viertel keep the male lead from overreaching, which does make his character and the situation more convincing. Pretty in pink lipstick, Reid looks mildly disgusted when she first sees the honeymoon shack and maintains that emotion; she keeps her shirt on, also. While the repair efforts are appreciated, Pardue's see-through love shack does not look like it would stay dry inside. ****** Devil's Pond (5/16/03) Joel Viertel ~ Kip Pardue, Tara Reid, Meredith Baxter, Dan Gunther

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