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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Plocar 8 / 10 / 10

This was a strange beast...

For the first two acts of the film I was right in the middle between liking and disliking it. The opening felt a little rushed, throwing the viewer right into what seemed to be a story already in progress. I felt lack of intimidation from the lead character, played by Scott Eastwood, when it was made apparent that this is a man who has been through the Civil War, seen some real death before his eyes and has killed a lot of men yet he wasn't playing it very convincingly...but that's when the third act hits and everything starts to make sense. It made sense why the film started the way it had, it made sense why this character seemed relatively weak and it made sense how Walton Goggins' character kept playing into the story. Because there is a twist in the movie that I personally didn't see coming, but I found made things make some real sense while also supplying some entertainment value towards the end of the movie. So because of the third act I do end up recommending this movie, even though I do have some problems with it still all around I do believe that there is some enjoyment to be had with this. I would have liked a little more character development in the first couple acts so that I could have found Eastwood's character a tad more likable so the third act could have had more of an emotional impact. Other than that there was some good acting, the pacing felt like a classic old western, the cinematography was great, and I personally liked the twist. Would I have probably preferred more of a straight-forward revenge film like what was advertised? Sure. I think that would have all around made a stronger film as a whole, but I still think what the filmmakers did here was pretty unique and clever. The third act is what is either going to make or break the film for a lot of people, it made it for me but it seems to have broken it for a lot of others so take that for what it's worth I suppose. If you see it then I hope you enjoy!

Reviewed by mtownsel2 7 / 10 / 10

Horror, Psychological Thriller, and Modern Western... EXCELLENT!

I was not expecting a movie with such a perfectly, horrific presence and reality check of the horrors of war. I love the transition between the Scott Eastwood and Walton Goggins faces of El Diablo. It was so well done that I almost missed the obvious. How could Ezra keep pace with Jackson unless they were one and the same? I loved how Lawrence Roeck used Benjamin Carver, DannyGlover's character, to finally weave the two (Jackson and Ezra) into one person. I take my hats off to Carlos De Los Rios and Lawrence Roeck for designing a character so flawed in his own perception of the world; so lost in his own wickedness, and so far grace and humanity. Of course, Scott Eastwood's fair-face portrayal of Jackson plays into building upon your sympathies. We have all bought in false realities and if we were lucky, lived to regret it. In this movie, you also see a character, an excellent soldier, affected by his own engagement in the U.S. Civil War. There is no doubt that Erza is suffering from emotional effects of war on him as we know of them today as PTSD and other acute war-related syndromes. It's no surprise, once you understand the distress that soldiers experience during war, that they find it hard to be the same, emotionally, ever again. There is do doubt that war fatigue could turn the mildest of people into mentally traumatized killers. We all wrestle with the nature of our souls at times and we are not solder or we're never in the military. Jackson has not lost his soul. It's been possessed. His own dead brother appears before him as proof. The imagery was hauntingly relevant. Carlos De Los Rios and Lawrence Roeck have simply updated the reality of surviving the Civil War with accepted knowledge of the symptoms of psychological damage of being forced them to kill. In the case one peculiar consequence; a monster is born: Diablo - It's one Hell of a movie!

Reviewed by gingerlead-1 7 / 10 / 10

The problem was Moore with the description of movie

Overall it was a good movie as a old-time Western. The problem I had was it describing it as him going after his abducted wife when it was someone else's wife in reality. I know that's probably a spoiler for the movie writer but get the facts straight instead of trying to surprise the viewers because that was the most disappointing part the rest was pretty good

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