Diggity's Treasure



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November 26, 2021



Andrew McCarthy as Raymond Cane
Fiona Fullerton as Felicia
Louise Lombard as Rachel Blackmon
Sonny Shroyer as Otis Cane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sjanders-86430 10 / 10 / 10

Heaven Must Wait a charmer

Andrew McCarthy does a good job as a southerner inheriting an English church. There's a wandering guinea pig. And Diggity is the orphan boy at the center of all the drama. Romance and a treasure: What more could you want? Angels of course!

Reviewed by YabbaDabbaDabba 9 / 10 / 10

Not A Bad Movie Except The Oh So Fake & Awful Southern Accent Ruined It All

I'm from Georgia, and if I ever heard somebody from Georgia speak like that I would shoot them with one of those muskets the demorats are trying to take away from us. He was obviously a carpetbagger that never made it lower than New Jersey. My ears are still hurting from that guy's fake Georgia accent. So my best rating was generous at a '1' because it was in color.

Reviewed by jayroscoe 9 / 10 / 10

Forrest Gump goes to England ?

Actually a good movie with a slow start, but ends very well. The only bad part is the awful Georgia accent- Andrew needs to research his roles better. Otherwise this is a great movie, especially for kids

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