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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JustCuriosity 9 / 10 / 10

A Fascinating True Crime Story about a Bizarre Murder at Baylor University

Disgraced was well-received in its world premiere at Austin's SXSW Film Festival. The film explains the complex issues around the tragic disappearance and ultimate death of Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy. The events that led to the arrest and conviction of one of his teammates – Carlton Dotson - are complex and remain confusing since there was little explanation of that player's motivation. The director and his team did an excellent job of laying out the details of that multi-layered investigation. The web events that played out was complicated and ultimately led to a NCAA investigation of rules violations by Coach Dave Bliss and others. These included extensive allegations that Bliss – likely backed by boosters – paid player tuition and expenses. The director does an excellent job of dissecting this complicated true crime investigation. It reveals a pattern of extensive corruption at the heart of the world's largest Baptist University (which has continued recently with the cover-up of a massive sexual assault scandal). It is clear that Baylor University put winning ahead of the rules of amateur college athletics. As someone who has taught college athletes in Texas, I have to wonder if Baylor was worse than other college or just more careless so that they got caught? I suspect that Baylor may merely be one of the worst offenders in a deeply corrupt system. This is powerful film that asks may important questions about these tragic events and more broadly about the nature of college athletics. It has been picked up by Showtime so it should be widely seen by a wide audience and hopefully adds to a wide debate over college athletics. Oh, by the way, Baylor is #3 seed in the NCAA tournament announced this week.

Reviewed by asc85 8 / 10 / 10

Interesting idea, but poorly executed

In 2013, I saw a critically acclaimed documentary called "The Gatekeepers," which was an Israeli-made film about the Shin Bet - the Israeli version of America's FBI. However, the film was basically just a series of people looking into the camera and talking. This "talking heads" approach was boring, and I had to struggle to stay awake, even stopping it in the middle and watching it again the following day. So watching "Disgraced," I felt that same way. I came into this picture wanting to learn more about this news story that happened less than 15 years ago, and left knowing little more, and barely able to keep my eyes open. In addition to the boring "talking heads" approach, it is fascinating that the filmmakers chose on their own volition at the end of the movie to indicate who did NOT participate in this movie, and that includes Baylor University, most of the players on the team that year, and most of the attorneys who worked the case. It could have been so much better if there was more buy-in from these other groups. Also, I will admit that the most interesting part of the documentary was Dave Bliss's comments which he thought were off-the-record without the camera running. But I've also read that showing these comments was questionably ethical on the part of the filmmakers. Finally, it's clear who the filmmakers want the audience to believe "really" did it, or at the very least, what needs to be explored much more thoroughly by law enforcement. However, I'm sure legally they had to be very careful about what they could say without being sued, so this potentially powerful statement was extremely watered down.

Reviewed by lolly67 8 / 10 / 10

What a sad lose of a great person

Patrick Dennehy I admired right from the beginning of this documentary. All he was trying to do was better himself through the use of his God given talent. Unfortunately, he trusted the wrong person. Coach Bliss has already done the same things years before, but got away with it. Now Bliss is acting like he is changed, and has Christ in his life. The one thing that really hurts my heart is that Dennehy is gone and Bliss is still lying. I do not understand why he got up out of the chair and wouldn't show his face on camera while calling Dennehy a "druggie" and sayng he played with the pigs and the pigs liked it...something to that effect. This interview was after his 10 year ban, what a laugh, and now with a new job, writing a book and going around saying he was a changed man. What? And the interviewer kept asking him questions he never gave a straight answer to, and he flat out lied about a timeline fact about asking about guns. I am repulsed by the fact that Bliss, I feel, is still acting the same way as before. I feel that he is true hypocrite and believe it is not just me who see right through his act. I know, if someone hasn't really changed they will live a life of insanity....doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. My fear is for the next kid trying to do the right thing and getting caught up like Patrick. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Dennehy's family.

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