Divorce Club



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Audrey Fleurot as La dame du Lac
Michaël Youn as Ferouz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nmijatovic-76727 8 / 10 / 10

Keeps you smiling even if you are married

In 2020/21, French movies are saving the cinemas and keeping the movie industry as we know it alive. Divorce Club is a great comedy, with good script, pace and actors. Aimed at 30+ audience, this film about the adventures of a freshly divorced guy will make you laugh again. At the end, it is for you to decide which way to go in life.

Reviewed by cokalantzis / 10

If you want to watch that movie please read these

-No good work -you expected everything was on that movie -Clasic ending that a woman beats a man(after her bad attitude i thought she would somehow would be punished but ofcourse she humiliates him in the end) -Thatt guy being humiliated by hes wife her new husband, by the friend of the new woman he wants , he go to prison, the psycho woman that turned to be a judge that wanted him , hes friend beat him , the coala thing beat him , probably there are more characters that humiliated him but know i dont remember..None of them took what he/she deserved. Clasic movie where a normal man character gets humiliated and beaten by woman... BECAUSE THATS FUNNY FOR SOME PEOPLE.

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