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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by strong-122-478885 7 / 10 / 10

Justice As The CIA Sees Fit

Well, all you serious-minded documentary viewers - Now, here's a little, eye-opening presentation to totally immerse yourself in for 73 minutes. And it involves the scandalous American medical profession, along with the CIA, and the US military, as it clearly existed during both the Bush and the Obama administrations. What inevitably goes on in "Doctors of the Dark Side" is actually so surreal and, yes, so downright shocking at times that it certainly proves, once again, that fact is, indeed, stranger (and more sinister) than fiction. Oh, yes, it is. Disturbing, sobering, and filled to overflowing with American disgrace and dishonour - "Doctors of the Dark Side" takes the viewer on a journey to "Camp Justice" in Baghdad, Iraq (Can you believe the hypocrisy of that detention facility's name?) and Guantanamo, Cuba, where torture was condoned, medical records were falsified, and a "blind-eye" approach was taken by all of those in charge. And, of course, it was all done in the name and the glory of the Red, White & Blue.

Reviewed by dansandini 8 / 10 / 10

Eye opening film can change minds

I'm someone interested in the American Judicial System and the corruption of judges, prosecutors, police and corrections officials. So when I stumbled upon this documentary free on Amazon Prime, addressing torture at GITMO and Abu Gharab I did not have a lot of interest. I bought the line that subtle mild torture was necessary to save American lives. Now I am very much against this. The film shows the cooperation, complacency and even leadership of American Psychologists and Psychiatrists in torturing information out of Islamic terrorists, and in some cases, our own American Citizens. Doctors are supposed to help people. The Hippocratic Oath says "Do no harm." The documentary accurately points out that Allied Tribunals sentenced Nazi doctors to death at Nuremburg for committing similar atrocities. In their defense, perhaps mental health professionals feel if they weren't involved then worse acts would occur? The film makes a compelling case that these actions constitute the greatest medical ethics malpractice scandal of our time. Somber, thought provoking, and well researched; this film has the potential of changing minds and bringing people together from all sides. Streaming free on Amazon Prime, it's well worth your time.

Reviewed by Movi3DO 8 / 10 / 10

Chilling and Haunting

Do no harm The controversial issue is frequently depicted in movies, and this documentary revealed more disturbing details. The involvement of many doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists were shocking, considering that they understood what they were doing. Also, the inadequacy of organization like the APA also perpetuated this crime. There were many chilling real photographs of the investigators with the tortured. One particular photograph was incredibly haunting. It lingered and became uncomfortable to watch. Overall, a short but effective depiction of the inhumane tortures as well as non-Hippocratic acts from many individuals and institutions. 8.5/10.

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