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Beth Grant as Lois
Nick Gomez as Boy with Plane
Ryan Merriman as Shane
Sonja Sohn as Myra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jasha89 7 / 10 / 10

Dystopian claustrophobic thriller

I was just lying in bed, trying to find something to put me to sleep, when I came across this interesting, if a bit overused, premise that comprises this movie. I figured it would be a low budget so and so sci-fi but I was surprised to find a well-acted, nicely shot, atmospheric dystopian suspense thriller. There is a pandemic, and World Health Organization claims we are all doomed. Still, they have a plan. They will make half a million bunkers where lucky lottery winners will stay until the plague disappears. How long they'll have to stay inside? Could be decades! After this opening set up we are following some of the lucky ones who made it to these small safe heavens. Dialogue is serviceable and not cringe worthy and the characters are interesting (some more and some less) while the atmosphere of the whole containment deal is pretty well presented. There are some clever ideas as to the ways those people choose to interact and keep a straight head during this unpleasant, but necessary lock up. The film kept me interested to the very end. Some of the ideas come across as original (even if they are not really) which is very much appreciated from my side. Unfortunately, some of the actions of particular characters do seem strange and out of place which does leave a stain on the whole experience but it might be a bit unfair to hold it against the creators. Interested to see what the Director/Writer has in store for us next. Small budget didn't keep him from making a solid first full length feature. 7 out of 10 from me.

Reviewed by namstonk 4 / 10 / 10

Far better than I thought it would be

Ok, firstly it is not brilliant nor awful. It is however well acted by the main cast and when you look at their subsequent previous credits you'll understand why. The genre yes has been used before, but this is well directed, the score is fitting (very much like an old John Carpenter score in places) and you actually like the characters portrayed. If you're a seasond sci-fi fan then yes you'll guess the ending but it doesn't matter, the time has gone by nicely thanks to a very well cast movie.

Reviewed by permaculture-45885 4 / 10 / 10

Average film, even if a little predictable.

Watchable once. Do not think to re-watch it someday. On a similar topic, Moon (2009) was way better. Goof : One of the character is learning French. At 37', we see him reading an article about the French Revolution on the computer. The article is plagued with grammar mistakes.

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