Don't Grow Up


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Darren Evans as Shawn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10 / 10

It's a surprise

Teens at the St. Madeline Youth center wake up and discover they have no adult supervision. After breaking all the rules they opt to go to town only to find the streets empty...almost. It seems adults have contracted a disease which causes them to go into a berserker mode as they kill each other. Yes it reminded me of Star Trek "Miri" from the first season with Kim Darby and Michael J. Pollard. Fergus Riordan and Madeleine Kelly took the lead in a film with drama, killing, blood, and teen sex. In spite of all that promise, there was a desire for realism which toned down the entire film. Guide: F-word, brief sex, no nudity.

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10 / 10

It's not you, it's me

This movie will likely be seen a lot better at a certain age than at other ages. And it's OK, if a movie tries to appeal to a certain group of people. This might have resonated somehow with me, if I was younger and I can understand if people see it that way. I'm also pretty certain that the same people probably would change their mind a decade or so after they've watched it. That being said, the nature of the young grown ups and their flaws is intriguing. Even though they are delinquents, they are not entirely unlikable. They do have a tendency to draw the wrong conclusions and make the worst choice possible. Other than that, what kind of movie would we have here?

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 4 / 10 / 10

Another zombie movie that fails to deliver

How many variant of movies can you make about the zombie genre? I guess this is another original idea about only adults becoming zombies, leaving the children being 'normal'. Was it a good idea to make this movie? It could have been if the movie was stronger with better action scenes and zombie attacks. But then only for lovers of this genre. What you get instead is just a movie like you saw so many times before. Nothing that you will remember about in the future. The actors (almost all kids of course) are just okay without any being brilliant. The story is just too weak to be interesting. And on top of that they don't give you any explanation about what could have start this disaster. I would just skip this movie if I were you.

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