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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brokenboiz 5 / 10 / 10

failed cinematography

Good sound, awsome visual effect, popular teen fanbased casting and sadly bad cinematography. seriously Kimo, i think your sinematography doesnt suit with this genre or maybe you must play the game first before understand what the point of using flashlight as a weapon on this movie game based.

Reviewed by anonim_id 4 / 10 / 10

Could be great!

I don't play the game even i have it years on steam so i write this review pure as regular viewer. Ok was this movie good? personally i love all the scenes, the casts, the visual effect is top notch but somehow i don't feel any horror vibe of it, yes i heard some viewers scream and even some of them cover their faces on some scenes but then i realize that those viewers are came from the late generation or so-called "Kids Zaman Now" so my best guest is that this movie is targeting wider audience but not for hardcore type horror fans so i think it's understandable why this movie is take the safe path. Do i recommend it? Yes if you are not a hardcore type horror fans or if you just want to spend time with friends and enjoy horror movie with great scenes, seriously the visual effects is really good!. No if you are already seen to much horror movies out there and i really don't recommend it if you are kind of people that know history and have a lot of references about Sunda and Java culture. One more thing, i couldn't understand why this movie is rated 17+, in my opinion this movie should be rated 13+.

Reviewed by reyhanvivaldi 4 / 10 / 10

A bit disappointing

This could be a great "horror" movie IF there wasn't a lot of "jokes", the actors swears a lot and I know that's not supposed to be funny but the audiences were laughing everytime the actors sweared, that's annoying for horror films. Secondly, sometimes when it's a tense scene, the light is too bright, so we couldn't feel the "horror". Thirdly, the CGI is bad, it's more like in the 90s. The writers should know more what the flashlight is for. I give this 4 outta 10 because the story line is good, they made the ghosts well and chose great casts. Honestly, I didn't terrified while watching this movie, I had no jumpscares, no goosebumps.

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