Drinking Buddies

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April 15, 2019



Anna Kendrick as Zoe Levenson
Jake Johnson as Basel
Jason Sudeikis as Jimmy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheMarwood 5 / 10 / 10

Time filler

Neither bad or approaching anything remotely good, Drinking Buddies is a more an acting improv exercise than a film. There's nothing cinematic here and the small servings of drama and comedy are lost in a film that never finds its purpose to exist. Taking place in a few locations, with no script, the cast does a decent job of keeping this mostly watchable, but with such little substance, the film is practically vapor by the end credits. Drinking Buddies is the kind of quiet film that attempts and almost approaches honesty through its everyday people characters, but watching these people get drunk and flirt feels more and more distancing to the viewer as the film goes on - its getting a small peek at a slice of life from a few very believable, but uninteresting characters. There hits a point that spending time with these people has worn out its welcome and their little story is undeserving of big screen treatment. There's no eye rolling moments here, but it's a dramatic flatline of a film that amounts to being nothing more than a time waster.

Reviewed by makaylarich 10 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time...

To rate this one star is seriously REACHING. I decided to watch because of the great cast and storyline. Well, was I ever disappointed. Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson act like immature children who shouldn't be in relationships to begin with. Anna Kendrick's character is obviously not a good match for Johnsons. BUT for some reason they stay together? It's an unrealistic view of relationships. At least, no relationship I'd like to be involved in. I'm a young, married person. I find the fact that not ONE person in this movie was able to stay loyal, quite disgusting and disappointing. I understand wanting to have fun and drink, but this is extreme. Wilde and Johnson are both alcoholics. The ending is one of the worst I've seen. SPOILER ALERT: It doesn't seem like Wilde and Johnson end up together, but really, we have no idea. It's left to interpretation, which can end up being intriguing (Inception) OR horrible - this film. Don't waste your time like I did.

Reviewed by pcanaro 10 / 10 / 10

It was reality.

I've read other reviews that said this movie felt fake because the lines were improvised and blah blah blah... This was a movie that actually felt like real life. It didn't necessarily have a happy ending, Life doesn't always have a happy ending. This was finally a movie that could genuinely be a reality. Not a single thing that happened in this movie made me think "Yeah, that's sweet.. but that could never happen.." I loved it.

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