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Reviewed by ravencorinncarluk 7 / 10 / 10

Lu Bu has joined the battle!

I enjoy the Dynasty Warriors games, and I was hoping this movie would be just as over-the-top and silly. I was not disappointed! This is silly, and cheesey, and the effects are purposefully laughable, and it was pretty much like watching one of the games. I think it was well-cast, and everyone had just the right amount of melodrama and seriousness in their performances. No, it's not a historical piece. No, it's not some serious drama-action like Hero. No, it's probably not even that good. But it IS very entertaining and a riot, and puts a smile on your face if you let it.

Reviewed by heretic369 8 / 10 / 10

Actually a surprisingly good visualization of the Dynasty Warrior games!

The action, costumes and music fit very well. Of course it only uses the story of the Romance of the three Kingdoms as a background, as did the games. And of course the special actions in battle look quite unrealistic - not to say silly at times. But this is the same as the game and it fits as a movie version quite well. Also the cast is mostly fitting, only CaoCao seems very young. So for any fans of the video games (and maybe even for RoTK fans) enjoy this fun action movie for what it is.

Reviewed by takumi-mitsui 8 / 10 / 10

Is a good movie lots action

I like this movie... CaoCao make mistake killing his bloodline by having bad dream.. the fight still not yet end.

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