Easy Money


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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April 3, 2019


Dragomir Mrsic as Mrado
Fares Fares as Assad
Joel Kinnaman as Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sergepesic 9 / 10 / 10

Dose of reality

Fortunately, thriller is not dead. Hollywood thriller is a desiccated corpse. It somehow keeps plodding stealing good ideas from around a world. This movie is awaiting a remake in Hollywood. Can't wait to see that disaster. What makes this Swedish thriller fresh and original is the hefty dose of reality and interest in it's characters. They are not just a bunch of crooks and psychopaths, they are human too. Young Swede with expensive tastes and little money, Chilean criminal with dreams and the Serbian enforcer with an 8-year daughter to care for. We see the glimpse of what they are made of. Nothing overly heavy and preachy, but just enough to fell real and plausible. And that is what Hollywood doesn't do. The audience they aim for, pimply, computer game addicted, 14 year olds just don't have the patience for anything else apart from explosions and non-stop action. So, thankfully comes this brilliant flick with 2 sequels to follow.

Reviewed by daniel-836 7 / 10 / 10

Great flick

A really good action thriller with interesting characters. I do NOT think that they are plain stereotypes without Drott. On the contrary. You feel for them and it's easy to get engaged in their lives and all they experience. The movie manages to bring forth some very sensitive moments as well as very brutal scenes with realistic violence. I especially likes the lighting when it comes to the technical part of Snabba Cash. I also liked the shots of some of the dialogue which i found innovative without being over the top. They made it very interesting to watch. I usually look the other when it comes to Swedish movies but I really enjoyed this one. I say watch it.

Reviewed by stensson 7 / 10 / 10

Yes, it works!

Had big doubts when I came. Had less doubts when I left and they were of another kind. But, big surprise, Swedish film industry has produced a gangster thriller which is on international level, although not the highest. The business school student here is too fascinated by suburban immigrant mobster life. And he wants the money involved, so he gets into the racket. He's a solitaire in that kind of life, which of course (what did you expect?) is told in a cliché way, but the people you meet aren't just monsters, running the evil machine or being part of it. They are somewhat believable and so is the gloomy mood in this environment. What happens is rather foreseeable, but it's anyway a quite intelligent movie about crime and criminals. It could have been much much worse.

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