Echo Boomers

Action / Crime / Drama

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Alex Pettyfer as Ellis Beck
Michael Shannon as Policeman Macy's
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lakes-49068 1 / 10 / 10

Echo Boomers.

I Totally agree with Khasding...What a Waste of Actors etc, Stupid Storyline, & ONLY,if you ENJOY seeing beautiful items of a persons belongings being utterly destroyed,watch this,OTHERWISE please avoid it,like the Plague !!!!

Reviewed by nathangridley 4 / 10 / 10

Ecco Boomers rocks!!!

Such a cool fast paced and innovative movie with a classic story line. Michael Shannon and Hayley Law absolutely nailed their roles, I'll definitely be watching this again. Instant classic!!!

Reviewed by carlos-pires 4 / 10 / 10

Ironically, a subpar movie for millennials

It's ironic that a movie that somewhat tries to champion the notion that western (and US in particular) society in the 2010's was cruel to millennials actually falls short on its own merits... which is something that happens to many millennials, in spite of their feelings of entitlement. The thing is... You can be rejected because you just can't cut it, not because you are a millennial or whatever. This was probably the most self-centred generation in modern western history. Plus, this movie tries to have it both ways, as it tries to portray an objective view by using the "journalist writing a book" gimmick (which takes you away from the subjective view of each character and hence leads you to interpret this view as more "objective), but at the same time it slants the narrative towards a supposedly "social-justice" attitude from some of the protagonists. Well, this is all BS. The protagonists are not some modern day Robin Hoods. They are actually entitled spoiled brats and/or lazy wimps who just want their kicks and their money. Maybe this is yet another sign of the decadence of western civilization. Surely, this is a nice production with a decent cast overall (with maybe the exception of Schwarzenegger Jr., though, because acting isn't his strongest suit), and competent execution all around. But this surely isn't a valuable contribution to cinema nor to culture as whole. And you won't be missing much if you skip it.

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