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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ag-aps-miku 7 / 10 / 10

Intriguing concept and execution.

It was intriguing. Yes, it is provocative, exploring sexuality, but it also makes you think and deal with it - deal with the complicated feeling. The story itself without the artistic extras is also interesting. Not a movie for everyone, I think one should be open to new ideas and opinions to like this movie. Then again, quoting my mother: "People are fine with watching people killed in movies with their kids, but when it comes to physical intimacy, they feel uncomfortable" Sadly it's true, yet it can be argued, that every sensible human knows that killing is not okay and maybe they feel that seeing sex or something along the same lines is too intimate for the TV? I don't know and I digress. If you want to experience something new, watch this movie :) If you won't make it until the end, that's fine, people have different levels for tolerating things. I myself am 17 and would say I'm rather innocent and it wasn't too much for me - while I was watching this next to my mother on a big screen, I was actually laughing, not feeling bad. I recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by mblaze 1 / 10 / 10


The film is well shot and is sort of a mix between Kahl's own vision and Antonioni, Lynch and other influences. Great actresses too: both the two newcomers and the ever-charming Deborah Unger are prefect in their roles.

Reviewed by grantss 1 / 10 / 10

A movie desperately in need of a plot

Usually I start my reviews with a brief summary of the plot. In this case that's not possible, as the movie has no plot. As near as I can discern it's about a German man who is travelling across the US. The remainder seems to consist of random interludes. Lacking a plot is a distinct drawback in terms of viewer engagement, and you can count me as one of the unengaged. This movie is random, pointless, pretentious nonsense, basically.

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