Elizabeth Harvest

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April 2, 2019


Abbey Lee as Elizabeth / Wife
Ciarán Hinds as Jonjo's Da
Dylan Baker as Cameron
Matthew Beard as Alistair
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fenbrad 7 / 10 / 10

enjoyable film

How anyone can give this film less than a 4 is unbelievable? I was going to give it a 6 but i am giving it a 7 to make up for the stupid low ratings. This film kept me intrigued and was very entertaining...it has been done before but i still enjoyed it. When people are scoring films like The Meg a 10 and giving a film like this a 1....it is hard to take this site seriously. I know everyone can not have the same taste in films...but come on people! This film was not brilliant but it was well worth a watch and was above average

Reviewed by Fiahm 8 / 10 / 10

Watchable But Largely Pointless

So this is something of a mixed bag: the girl playing Elizabeth herself is a model not an actress and this is noticeable right from the beginning: she looks pleasant enough standing still but she moves at all times like she's on a catwalk and tends to blow the illusion of whatever scene she's in whenever she starts to talk. As the movie progresses though, and the first reveal occurs, this starts to seem like it might actually work to the story's advantage. There was another well-known film three years back which I won't mention for fear of spoiling, but it covers some of the same ground and takes one to a similar place but this one doesn't raise any of the same questions or emotional responses, which makes it a much less worthwhile experience. Ciarán Hinds is good as always, along with Carla Gugino, but Matthew Beard is noticably weakest of all. On top of this there is some odd, clumsy editing, with too many scenes just awkwardly fading to black and slowing down the momentum. So the film really has one foot in compelling sci-fi and another in bad B-movie drama/ TV soap opera. It's a good premise, though not really original or examined enough to feel groundbreaking, revelatory or even particularly memorable, and after the first twist there's no real point to the story and no interesting place for it to go. It's definitely watchable but largely pointless, and you'll never choose to watch it again.

Reviewed by foutainoflife 8 / 10 / 10

Talk About A Weird Honeymoon

I enjoyed this film. It is different. I can't recall seeing another movie that is quite like it. Elizabeth is a newlywed who is honeymooning with her much older billionaire husband at his private mountain property. The only other people present are a female and blind male who are servants. The home is rather large and Elizabeth is free to enjoy all areas of the property with the only exception being a room that her husband, whom we learn to be a intelligent man of science, has specifically denied her access to. Elizabeth, who seems to come off as a bit ditsy, has a curious nature chooses to explore the room after her husband goes out of town on business. It is at this point she learns more than she bargained for and her life takes a turn for the worse. That is about all I can say about the plot without adding spoilers but I didn't see what was coming and I love that about this film. You are introduced to several different plot twists that pull you in different directions. I've seen that a few people weren't impressed by our lead actress and felt that her acting was off. I didn't feel that way. I felt that her acting was very much in line with her character and what may have initially seemed like bad acting is revealed to be a part of her character. I liked it and felt as though it was a good watch.

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