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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-125 7 / 10 / 10

Girl meets girl, etc.

Eloïse's Lover, originally entitled Eloïse (2009) was directed by Jesús Garay. It is listed as a film in Spanish, but it's actually in Catalan, the language of the region that includes Barcelona. This movie is, unfortunately, a pretty stereotypic lesbian love story. A young college student is more or less engaged to a fine young man, but she's clearly not in love with him. She meets an intriguing and beautiful lesbian woman, and the rest of the film is fairly predictable. We know from the outset that the young student is in the hospital in a coma, but we don't know whether or not she will recover. That's the biggest suspense of the plot. Still, the movie has its good points. Both Diana Gómez as Àsia (the young student) and Ariadna Cabrol as Eloïse (the out lesbian) are very beautiful. It was interesting to get multiple shots of the university in Barcelona, and it's rare to find a film in Catalan in Upstate New York. In my opinion, this isn't a film that you must see, but it's worth watching if it's readily available. It will work well on DVD, if that's an option. We saw it at Rochester's Little Theatre, as part of the wonderful ImageOut:The Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Reviewed by wildyuru 8 / 10 / 10

Incredible movie

I am not a lesbian, or even a female, but I found the movie to be poignantly thrilling. I think far too much is made of ... what? Novelty? I recall a passage in the George Orwell's book Nineteen-Eighty-four in which on one tryst Winston observes a peasant woman hanging out laundry and singing an old ditty that women must have sung for millenniums. Some things need to be re-experienced again and again. Love is Mount Fuji, described by thousands of Haiku poets and still begging to be once more described. Critics don't seem to know this. That's why the book and movie Love Story made the critics look like the insulated stuffed shirts they are. Eloise's Lover presents first love in a heart-wrenching, soul- searching, suspense-loaded manner that artists should all emulate. The flashback technique in the movie kept my mind and emotions on edge. I could not sleep for several nights wondering what if ....

Reviewed by countymd 8 / 10 / 10

What a sweet young lesbian love story with a very sad ending

It is a GREAT MOVIE, very sweet, touching, and tender. Both lead actresses are young students in university. Asia is an architecture student and has a steady boyfriend, Nathaniel. Eloise, who studies arts, left Asia a strong impression when they first met. Eloise portrayed herself as a strong and confident and out lesbian. Asia modeled for Eloise's paintings. Throughout the whole process, they fell in love. Eloise seemed to really touch Asia's heart through her paintings and awoke Asia to search herself deeply. They just connected!! Initially, Asia was ashamed of herself for falling for Eloise but she finally was able to face and accept her true self. It was very real stating young lesbian's confusion when they realize they are who they are and can't be changed!! However, Asia's mom disapproved!! Asia chose Eloise but got hit by the car and died!! The ending was extremely sad!! Asia dreamed she could run away with Eloise on the bus. Their love making was very tender and sensual. These two actresses are gorgeous and very attractive with a lot of chemistry together. They are very believable as lovers. Both are very young with lots of talents. Although the movie did send out the message to encourage parents accept their gay/lesbian children being who they are otherwise it usually ends badly. The sad outcome of Asia's death is still too overwhelming. I wish the ending could have been different. Asia could come out of the coma and her mom would have understood Asia's happiness should outweigh her own social perception. Overall, the movie is pretty realistic in describing the difficulties young gay/lesbians have to go through and fight to come out of the closet, to accept themselves and to be accepted!! I strongly recommend this movie. It was outstanding!! Very well written, well directed, and well acted. The music was so soft and soothing. The whole movie just flows, not a dull moment. It was Really beautiful and amazing. Love this movie!!

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