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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 5 / 10 / 10

Beautiful to look at soap opera has enough plots and characters for three films

Beautiful to look at epic from China that is sort of the cinematic equivalent to a trashy summer read by way of a Russian novel. Told in flashback the film concerns a wealthy banking family many centuries old. There are four brothers. One is a kind deaf mute, One is a cruel master, the third is artistic and hated by the father and the forth is to get the banks...through circumstances best left to the soap opera the hated third son is forced to choose between the life he wants and taking over the family business. Oh yea, I believe his step mom his an ex-girlfriend and its all coming to boil about the time of the boxer rebellion. If you think I completely understood what happened you're mad. There are lots of plot lines, many of which seem to appear and disappear randomly. And with many plot lines comes many characters and somewhere along the way I got really lost. Okay, yes I shouldn't have watched this knowing I was going to be up past 2 AM - but I was curious--and yes I probably should have stopped when I realized I was at sea- but I didn't and I pressed on... My feeling is its a great looking mess of a movie that should have been longer or remained a novel. The ending left me going- thats it? Apparently. Then again I was never much for soap operas on a grand scale so I was probably the wrong audience for this. I'd take a pass unless you really love soap operas or want to see a film that visually is a complete and total work of art..

Reviewed by Thepastgazette 10 / 10 / 10

Typical Chinese movie: historically false

Typical Chinese movie: historically false and exaggerated in the sensitivity and depth of the characters. Interesting but distorted historical setting and boring.

Reviewed by huyzer 10 / 10 / 10

Review by a 14 year old, and his uncle.

My nephew votes this movie to be an 8 out of 10. For point of reference, he is 14 years old, and is going to be in 9th grade after Summer. So, I asked what he liked about the movie: He liked the storyline and the ending. The main characters were really good actors. It was just a good movie overall. He warns, "JUST DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER. It made the movie look bad." Now, me, his uncle, this is what I think: If you're an empathetic person, and can "live vicariously" through the characters and understand their situation, you will be moved by many scenes in the movie. I, myself, was forming some tears in a few scenes. It is a family drama, and is realistic. Being Asian, I can empathize with the cultural dynamics. Some fun facts direct from the director. :) (If my notes and hearing are correct): The movie was shot in 4 and 1/2 months. (Wow, that's fast! BUT, the movie is very professionally made, done with love and attention. The scenes are beautiful visually. The locations, wow!) From preproduction work, to shooting, to editing and post, was a total of 6 years. (That's a LOT of work.) It was filmed in China in 13 cities, 13 provinces, and on 46 sets. The film has been to 14 festivals, and has won 19 awards. 200 tons of red earth had to be carried manually by people, up the hill/mountainside to disguise an asphalt road for a scene. ********* SPOILER: Don't quote me on this, but the street scene where one lady (wife?) was kidnapped, had 600(? maybe it wasn't the scene, but total in costume department? Sorry, I can't remember.) costumes in it! Talk about a major wardrobe/costuming department. SPOILER end ********** Christina Yao, the director, is such a nice lady. :D Thank you for sharing your time, stories, and answering all our questions. It was a terrific, interesting, and informative experience for my nephew and me. Your 3 hours with our small group of 12 was over and above expectations. Thank you! Take care, Huy

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