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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10 / 10

Cheap trash

ALETA: VAMPIRE MISTRESS is a boring title for a boringly predictable indie comedy horror flick which goes for the trashy approach. It's a real piece of junk, laughably inept from beginning to end, which feels more like a softcore porn movie than a horror. The story reminded me a little of QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and features an occasionally topless vampiress stalking for prey. This effort has a Bollywood feel at times with song and dance numbers randomly inserted into the mix alongside romantic scenes, rubbish costumes, awful CGI, and nudity. It all adds up to very little overall.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10


This is an erotic vampire comedy/spoof that has cheese and moves into the "so bad its good" realm. A 1,000 year old Chinese Vampire Aleta (Ange Maya) has a coven of daughters living in Alhambra, California. The US government wants to employ her as a secret weapon while a Russian named Ivor Helsing (Garrett Brawith) wants to drive a stake through the "wampire's" heart so she won't prey on anymore "wirgins." He is aided by a psychic vampire detector (Laura Cotenescu) who he meets in a bar. The acting was horribly bad and some of it was designed that way. Aleta had an odd Chinese-Romanian accent. Zachary Ryan Block who played Joerg Von Helsing in a rather lengthy flashback, was perhaps the worst of the lot and I laughed as he wailed over the death of his father. (Sorry for that plot spoiler.) The film includes a cleavage cam at one point and breaks down into a split screen musical number at another. It was enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. Guide: F-bomb, sex, brief FF, male rape, nudity ( Tina Tanzer, Megan Renee Kim, Beverly Swanson, and thank you C.J. Sindayen, Ange Maya )

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10 / 10

Don't bother with this one...

Wow, this movie was bad. Very bad! First of all, you should know that this movie is what appears to be a very ambitious home-movie project. It feels like something you could very well shoot with your very own DV camera if you only had enough friends to make an appearance as one or more characters in the movie. The entertainment value of "Aleta: Vampire Mistress" (aka "Empress Vampire") is almost non-existing. I managed to endure a prolonged 27 minutes of the movie, which actually felt like way more. With very little of any worth or interest happening, I just gave up. And the fact that the characters were bland and pointless didn't help much either, nor the fact that the acting performances were not impressive either. For a vampire movie, this was a swing and a miss. It felt like director Phil Condit had an idea, scribbled it down on paper along with co-writer Ange Maya and turned it into a movie. And in the process also assigning the lead role to his co-writer as well. While she is an attractive woman, she is not that much of an accomplished actress - sorry to say. The dialogue in the movie was atrocious, and most of it was delivered with such a lack of performance that you just yawn your way through it and your attention will quickly wander elsewhere than on the movie. The acting in the movie was amateurish. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing. But it just was a bit forced in this movie and it didn't really feel natural. I am rating this movie a mere two out of ten stars. It was an ambitious project for sure, but it didn't deliver where it mattered. I had an hour left of the movie, and I have absolutely zero interest in returning to finish the movie at any time in the future.

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