Ender's Game

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
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Abigail Breslin as Allison
Harrison Ford as Narrator
Viola Davis as Miss Rayleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alccshock 10 / 10 / 10

Good Movie

Ender's game I think a nice film is about an intelligent child studying in space and heading to a fleet to save the world from the aliens. I would recommend this building very good in terms of visuality.

Reviewed by grantss 7 / 10 / 10

A sci fi movie made for kids (and even they might find this craptacular)

Incredibly weak and contrived plot. From the start everything is dumbed-down to appeal to a younger audience. Anytime the heroes are kids, and they have more powers than the adults, you know who the target audience is.... Plot seems like a ripoff of Starship Troopers, and a very weak one at that. Decent cast, and they can all do a lot better. Harrison Ford has seen better days and probably just needed the money, or any acting role. Viola Davis was probably trying to break out of being stereotyped in civil rights movie roles. Ada Butterfield was good in Hugo and Hailee Steinfeld was great in True Grit, but here they set their careers back several steps. Heaven alone knows why Ben Kingsley accepted his role. The money must have been REALLY good. His attempt at a New Zealand accent is quite unintentionally funny though, as, instead, he sounds South African. I should know...

Reviewed by lemon_magic 7 / 10 / 10

Beautiful and well acted, but oddly unengaging

I'll start out by admitting that I started Card's novel, but gave up after the first 100 pages or so because I just couldn't get into it. Nothing against OSC - I thought his novelization of "The Abyss" was wonderful - but the ideas and dialog left me cold. Having admitted that, I will also admit to finding my reaction to this movie adaptation puzzling - based on the visuals and Asa Butterfield's amazing acting job as Ender Wiggins, I should have loved it. But my enthusiasm for "Ender's Game" was not unbounded, and I blame that on the same problems with the plot that I found in the novel, and on the fact that it was obvious that the film makers could only fit in a "sketch" of the full story into the movie. For instance, I was never convinced that a pastime that was essentially "Zero Gee Laser Tag" would have all that much to do with massive star fleet battles. Yes, it was fun to watch, and yes, I could see Ender's tactics in the game foreshadowing his tactics in the final invasion - but it seemed like a contrivance. (Ender's interaction with the tablet game as a precursor to the true intent of the Formics was far more convincing). And the whole "newbie enters the Military academy" trope has been done to death already. And also, the plot twist about the final training exercise - while it did shake things up, it was essentially "a dirty bit o' cheating" in my opinion, and left me completely unsatisfied. Just as Petra's role in the big battle was completely contrived - it was obvious that a voice command and an automated aiming system could have done her role far better. (Nothing against the actress, who was quite likable and sympathetic). Probably the movie should have been expanded to two parts to let the plot development "breathe" and expand, but given what it cost to make and the flops of many of its expensive, high-tech contemporaries, I am sure the studio didn't dare. So it is what it is, and my reaction is what it is. Worth watching if you really liked the visuals in bombs like "Valerian", "Jupiter Rising", or "John Carter" enough to overlook the writing problems. Harmless enough even if you didn't.

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