Enemy of the State

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April 15, 2019



Jack Black as Nick Vanderpark
Jamie Kennedy as Jerry Heller
Will Smith as Richard Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shaanhooey 9 / 10 / 10

Fun and educational

I loved this movie. Watched it in geo class this past week to learn about geo surveillance, DMS tracking, and geo referencing points with raster data. Very interesting from a geographical standpoint and discusses the ever-increasing concern about how much access should be granted to agencies to survey people, and what effect it has on them. Also, this principle is very relevant in apps like Uber today, that sell your location all the time and sell this data to other companies for profit. Not cool, but worthwhile for Enemy of this State to show the effects of surveillance even 20 years ago, but what is most concerning is how it has evolved since then.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 9 / 10 / 10

A brilliant techno-thriller of the 90s

Enemy Of The State is a re-watchable hi-tech thriller. Fast-paced, well-acted and well-directed with an interesting plot about national security, privacy, and technology. The film manages to keep the viewers intrigued even when we're not kept in the dark as opposed to the main protagonist. This is a thriller that is not ruined by a few lines of comedic dialogue, it works well due to the tense story line.

Reviewed by slightlymad22 9 / 10 / 10

One Of Will Smith's Best Movies

Continuing my plan to watch every Will Smith movie in order, I come to Enemy Of The State (1998) Plot In A Paragraph: Lawyer Robert Dean (Will Smith) becomes a target by a corrupt politician (Jon Voight) and his NSA goons when he accidentally receives key evidence to a serious politically motivated crime. Smith massively dials it down from the last three movies, and does some solid acting. In fact it's his most impressive performance since Six Degrees Of Separation. As fun as he was in Bad Boys, Independence Day and Men In Black, Mike Lowrey, Captain Steven Hilliard and Agent J, are all basically the same person, just an exaggerated form of the Will Smith public persona. Here he is at his most effective, a true case is less is more. But as good as Will Smith is (and he is totally believable as the family man lawyer, who does not have a clue, what is happening to him) it's Gene Hackman who dominates and steals every scene he is in. I love him anyway, but he is brilliant here. Jon Voight is always great, I'm a fan of his. Regina King is good, as is Lisa Bonet, an actress I had a huge crush on growing up. There are small roles for Jason Lee, Jack Black, Seth Green, Phillip Baker Hall, Jason Robards, James Le Gros and Tom Sizemore. Gabriel Byrne also has a blink and you'll miss him part too. Overall it's a tense, well directed and well acted movie, with a good sense of paranoia and tension. One of Will Smiths best for me. I find him to be much better, when he is actually acting instead of playing versions of him self. Enemy Of The State grossed $111 million at the domestic box office to end 1998, the 15th highest grossing movie of the year.

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