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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 9 / 10 / 10

its an ode...

To the music, an ode to man and wife, an ode to the newborn child and an ode to all the people inbetween the the sowing of the seed and the final delivery, the therapeuts, the sage femmes the obstetricians and the simple nurse. if you have children, wanna have a child, or maybe pregnant by accident do try this film. me and my wife are both nurses( yes we met at school) ,had severe contractions and urges to push, so the real drama at the birth are very fluid , calm and utterly realisticly made. its a comedy about a couple that havent even thought of a baby, but the husband suddenly gets the idea, and starts ''operation pregnancy'', and the methods used are pretty ingenious. its a low budget production, a little bit slow and a tiny story, but its acting swells like the belly of this woman. i think the assisting cast, ''the proffesionals'' played their role extremely good. actually, this film could easily been used in the maternity classes, as a wake up call and for a good laugh to decrease the belly tension a bit. so if youre in for the maternity ward tomorrow, do take this couples experiences along with you, a superbly made film thinks the grumpy old man.

Reviewed by danybur 5 / 10 / 10

Is there always a great man behind every great woman?

Claire and Frederic (Marina Foïs and Jonathan Cohen) make up a happy, functioning, childless marriage. She is an internationally famous but introverted classical music pianist and he is her charismatic manager and assistant and they travel the world with a busy concert schedule. But an incident in which Frederic participates will alter the agreements on which their marriage is based. Enormous is a great comedy by Sophie Letourneur that upsets the roles and priorities assigned to men and women in relation to pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood and professional life without ever falling into acrimony or caricature, doing it with a lot of carelessness, touches of delirium and a documentary record at times. Cohen is a very funny comedian; his character can necessarily be infuriating and he is too used to making all the decisions in the couple. Claire (the versatile Marina Foïs is the writer of Cantet's El atelier, a completely different role) stoically copes with her unwanted pregnancy, which at the moment takes disturbing turns. Enormous could be seen, in the treatment of its topics and with the forcefulness that comedy sometimes gives, as a more successful counterpart to Pieces Of A Woman and culminates in a final segment with a treatment rarely seen on these themes and absolutely moving.

Reviewed by alainfranzolini 5 / 10 / 10

Intellectual humor in a poor movie

A dysfunctional couple: she's a famous piano player, he is organising her professional life and doing everything for here so she can focus 100% on her work. Actually he is living her life and they have no children because she doesn't want to. One day he decides that he wants a child and contributes to her pregnancy by replacing her pill with sweeteners and she gets pregnant. Here I stop my boring review because the movie is even more boring. Apart from a few funny scenes (all in the trailer) the film is dramatically amateuristic. Don't waste your time and thank me for that.

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