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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 9 / 10 / 10

Ringo Lam's debut.

Mesmerised from seeing the curtain come down on the Heroic Bloodshed sub-genre with Full Contact (1992-also reviewed) I decided to take a closer look at the credits from auteur film maker Ringo Lam. Standing shoulder to shoulder with John Woo as the two leaders of the sub-genre,I was surprised to find that his debut (which despite the title,is not French!) was tough to track down. Trying to gathering as many of his flicks as possible,I was thrilled to stumble upon his debut online, which led to me seeing the beginnings of Ringo Lam. View on the film: Getting his chance after original director Po-Chih Leong had shot around one-third of the film before a falling out led to producer Karl Maka sacking him, directing auteur Ringo Lam (and 7 cinematographers!) makes full contact with a debut that ties the different footage he and Leong shot smoothly together, and brings his distinctive style flying into view. Making his lone dip into Fantasy,Lam loads the ultra-stylisation of his "Action" works into long downward tracking shots following Siu-Yu to the ground and slick stop/start panning shots following Siu-Yu's ghostly appearances. Made during the 4 film phase of "Comedy" titles before he got on the path to Heroic Bloodshed (HB) with the Action movie Mad Mission 4: You Never Die Twice (1986), Lam impressively slots the laughs into fitting with a major theme across his credits of unbreakable doomed love, via startling smoke and blue tint waves splashing across the screen during the couples final brief encounter, with Lam darting the camera to smashed corners of the flat in frantic mood similar to the style of his later HB set-pieces. Displaying little sign of the production issues on screen, the screenplay by Raymond Fung/ Clifton Ko/Kin Lo and Raymond Bak-Ming Wong (who got the idea when he saw a picture of a pretty girl on a tombstone!) sparkles with hilarious fast-paced dialogue exchanges conjured from Siu-Yu's ghostly skill to control what people say. Whilst hitting a tragic note for the final, the writers bring a warmth to the unlikely romance between Siu-Yu and Chi-Ming by keeping the romance delightfully sweet-natured, blossoming in back and fourths between the couple over Siu-Yu's mischief landing Chi-Ming in trouble. Getting the role over Maggie Cheung after original director Leong met her at a party, Joyce Ni Shu Chun gives an incredibly expressive turn as Siu-Yu, which whispers a comedic playfulness with a bubbling passion that boils over. Almost (accidentally) killing his future love in the opening, Alan Tam gives an excellent performance as Chi-Ming, whose funny awkwardness is pinned by Tam with a sincerity for the spirit of love.

Reviewed by mjarvis0 8 / 10 / 10

A moving movie creating a lasting impression!!

I came across this movie at least 12 years ago when a TV station was showing a number of Chinese movies. And to say that I remember this film at least 12 years on is saying something. This film concerns the death of a young woman in somewhat bizarre circumstances. Her young sibling is left behind and an insurance agent is dispatched in order to investigate the death with the brief being that he must report her death as suicide in order for the insurance firm to avoid paying out. This young lady is now a ghost who is only visible to the insurance agent and they fall in love. What happens next are comic moments but then the film takes a serious turn as the family of the insurance agent recognise that there is a ghost in his life and hire an exorcist (for want of a better word) to get rid of it/her. The final scenes of the girl spirit battling the exorcist,finally losing and the insurance agents desperate attempts to accompany her to the spirit realm are really quite moving. The song at the end is sang by the lead actor and this was moving too although I did not know what he was saying. It just goes to prove that music is the language of love. Every now and then I scan the TV guide to see if this film is coming on again and as I write this I am thinking that I will try ebay to see if I can get a hold of this movie on video or DVD. This is one of those foreign movies that prove the the US by no means holds a monopoly on good movies. If fact I think Hollywood or the UK would struggle to make an English version of this movie and have it make half the impact of the original. This is a gem of a movie and if it is to be shown on your local TV, record it and watch it. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by actiontdolbin 8 / 10 / 10

Maybe it can call original "Sinnui yauman"

This Movie is Fun and pretty Scary. this movie is modern ghost story. but this movie haven't action much as "Sinnui yauman". but pretty romantic! and actress is beautiful. well.... not much Joey Wong. Whatever this movie is good. I like this movie's Style! Ringo Ram! he made this movie very well!

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