Eyes of Fire


Horror / Western

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Fran Ryan as Sister - Calvin's Wife
Guy Boyd as Marion Dalton
Rob Paulsen as Jewell Buchanan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

A poor script, but the bizarre, dream-like atmosphere works well

An atypical '80s American horror film, insomuch that it is set in "olden times", concerning a bunch of travellers who have to contend with wood-demons, assorted spirits, and possession. The film is different enough to be worth a look, and despite a low, low budget, it achieves some remarkably good special effects which put a lot of higher-budgeted offerings from the same period to shame. Sure, a lot of the effects are achieved with little more than camera tricks or a bit of makeup, but they are abundant, and demons themselves are chillingly realised, reminding me sometimes of the monsters in THE EVIL DEAD. A major flaw is the sub-standard level of the acting. The only memorable player is Dennis Lipscomb (RETRIBUTION), although this is due to his rather hammy turn than any special abilities. The rest of the cast are pretty poor, it has to be said, and constantly shout or whine at each other which quickly becomes grating. The loose plot is, however, action-packed, and filled with weird dreams, nudity, scenes of horror, mutilation, and monsters, so it can't all be bad. The film also evokes a dream-like atmosphere which is pretty compelling in places. It's a shame we don't give a hoot about any of the principal characters, but nonetheless this ambitious, partly-realised hope of a film is worthwhile in places.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

Great Tale of Witch, Very Mystic, But With a Weak Conclusion

In 1750, in a French base in the American frontier, the teenager Fanny Dalton (Sally Klein) and two children are found alone by the French soldiers. Asked about their families, they tell an amazing story to the skeptical commandants. The lived in Dalton's Ferry, a place far from the frontier, where Fanny's father Marion Dalton (Guy Boyd) was a hunter and absent of home most of the time. The local preacher Will Smythe (Dennis Lipscomb) is accused of adultery with Fanny's mother Eloise Dalton (Rebecca Stanley) and Leah (Karlene Crockett), a powerful young woman who lost her mother when she was very young, accused of witchcraft and burnt in a fire, and the locals decide to hang him. However, Will is saved by his followers and they leave the town, being chased by the Indians and Marion. They reach a valley, where an evil witch and the spirits of ancient settlers live in the trees and haunt the newcomers. Leah enhances her powers and protects the children. "Eyes of Fire" is a great tale of witch, very mystic, but with a weak conclusion. It is a low-budget movie, the special effects are very poor, but the story is original and very creepy. I regret only the open conclusion, which deserved to be much better. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Olhos de Fogo" ("Eyes of Fire")

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

An intriguingly odd and atmospheric, if rather slow and muddled horror-Western item

The American Frontier, 1750: A motley bunch of Irish pioneers led by the meek Reverand Will Smythe (a strikingly quirky performance by Dennis Lipscomb) trespass onto sacred Native American territory that's haunted by a malevolent devil witch who turns pesky interlopers into tortured souls whose faces are implanted on trees. Although marred by a confusing story and often lethargic pacing, this compellingly peculiar horror-Western oddity nonetheless casts an effectively spooky and arresting spell on the viewer thanks to Avery Crounse's stylish direction (Crounse also wrote the idiosyncratic script), a creepily off-kilter and nightmarish atmosphere, plenty of stunningly bizarre and beautiful visuals, Brad Fiedel's fine, eerie score and the sheer fascinating weirdness of the outré story. The uniformly solid acting from a tip-top cast constitutes as another additional plus, with noteworthy turns by Kathleen Crockett as a strange mute psychic teenage girl who knows what's going on, Guy Boyd as a rugged mountain man, and Will Hare as an ill-fated old-timer. By no means a perfect fright flick (it's rather slow, sometimes unfathomable and the ending is dissatisfying), but an admirably unusual, inspired and unconventional genre-blending low-budget indie effort just the same.

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