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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joan-williams1983 10 / 10 / 10

Great Film!

I was lucky enough to see this film in the theater. I thought it was really fun and watching it felt like I had traveled back in time to 1986. Sadly movies aren't made like this any more, but Falcon Song proves that it is possible. You can just feel the passion behind this movie. The retro style was handled properly and didn't rely on endless pop culture references, college humor, and sarcasm like so many films do that cash in on the "80s" thing. The locations are great and it was refreshing to see that a light hearted film like this can do so well. The story is relatively basic; a guy cruises into a quirky, small town and shakes things up. There are a good amount of kittens in this film, which is pretty high up on my list. Gabriel Sunday's acting is excellent and it was really fun to see that Martin Kove from the original Karate Kid movies can still be part of a respectable film. The Directing is solid and the cinematography is outstanding. All in all, Falcon Song is worth checking out and possibly adding to your collections of 80s movies!

Reviewed by cindycoral82 5 / 10 / 10

Charming, Touching, and Kind Of Funny!

It's a light drama pulled from the recent past. Not too subtle, but the movie stays honest. I haven't seen anything like this since Dallas, Alf, and Little House on the Prairie were on TV. It's kitsch - some people get that and some people don't. It comes across like a simple film, but I think it takes a sophisticated viewer to understand the point. It was fun seeing Martin Kove again in a movie (the sweep the leg guy from Karate Kid). Gabriel Sunday was really funny, but I wouldn't say it's a "Caddyshack" comedy but these guys get goofy. Dare I say cartoon-like? That was the style of a lot of great eighties movies. Falcon Song finds something new in something old lol. I enjoyed it. Cool poster - feels like the film!

Reviewed by Wuchakk 5 / 10 / 10

Oddball indie about a drifting musician and a girl at a ranch in eastern Montana

A guitarist (Gabriel Sunday) traveling through Montana to Portland gets a job on Falcon Ranch where he helps the granddaughter (Rainey Qualley) of the patriarch (Jim Storm) discover her heritage and true talents. The three are soon caught in the middle of a land war linked to the shifty Cap Davenport (Martin Kove). Doing the math, the events take place in the late 80s. "Falcon Song" (2014) is a micro-budget indie flick with the production quality comparable to that of "The Legend of Tillamook's Gold" (2006). These kinds of flicks usually involve semi-competent local filmmakers creating a movie that takes place in their beloved location; in this case, the Billings, Montana, region (which I've been to a few times and have a couple stories to tell). These kinds of indies usually run anywhere from $50,000-$150,000, give or take, depending on how much was spent on cast, lodging, catering, travel and so forth. "Another Kind" (2013) was made for $120,000 and is a superb example of how a professional-class film can be made for this kind of micro-budget. Even spare-change films, like "A Bothered Conscience," which only cost $2300, can be effective if the filmmaker & crew are talented enough and efficiently make use of their resources. So how does "Falcon Song" stack up overall? Too often the filmmaking seems amateurish, such as the sometimes awkward or curiously abrupt editing. A few scenes run too long and should've been cut by half or, at least, one-third (e.g. the couple walking to the barn near the end). Thankfully, these flaws are somewhat made up by the hearty cast, quality locations and a story that generally keeps your interest despite some questionable quirks, e.g. Carrie Jr. (if you get my drift) and the giggle-inducing secret society. As a cat person, I also appreciated the several cats in the cast. Speaking of the cast, Gabriel Sunday is cogent as the likable and amusing protagonist; he's a little reminiscent of Hugh Grant. And Rainey Qualley is quite fetching as the lass and I'm usually not attracted to thin women (she has just enough curves). Meanwhile Kove brims with shady relish playing the potential antagonist. The movie runs 1 hour, 45 minutes and was shot in Joliet, Montana, and the Billings area (Columbus, Molt and Red Lodge). GRADE: C

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