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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johndoby-33579 10 / 10 / 10

Ingenious Indie Filmmaking

In an industry where over produced superhero bubblegum takes precedence over character driven stories with substance, the ingenuity of the independent Filmmaker often goes unappreciated. FALSE COLORS, the debut feature film from director, William Norton, is a prime example of art and ingenuity, at its best. If you know what it takes to make a feature film with a cohesive story, tremendous production value, that entertains, on a low budget, you will agree. As an independent Filmmaker, myself, and having worked professionally as a First Assistant Director and Production Manager for over ten years, in NYC's film/TV production industry, I know exactly what it takes to produce a movie on a tight budget. When I watch such a film, I usually lower my expectations, and hope for the best. With False Colors, I was pleasantly surprised. This film is on the pulse! The timing and pertinence of False Colors couldn't be more perfect right now. I was amazed with the high quality of this production. From its cinematography, lean storyline, smartly directed narrative, and the believable performances of its cast, right down to the locations, vehicles, props, and wardrobe. I found myself awe struck, wondering, How did they do that? Then I sat through the end credits, and it all came together. The man at the helm of this amazing endeavor wore many hats and he made it happen. And it was professionally and articulately crafted. I found myself captivated and intrigued. Well done! I highly recommend watching False Colors.

Reviewed by bikilathewarrior 8 / 10 / 10

Entertaining yet accurate film...

As a retired intelligence officer, I was impressed by the accuracy and credibility of this film. The acting and stunts were also superb. Several plot twists add to this film's appeal and I'm surprised no filmmaker to my uncertain knowledge has explored the geo-political angle running through William Norton's plot. Kudos to him for tackling such an ambitious project in his first feature and I'm intrigued about his future films as well as whether he'll attempt a sequel to False Colors...

Reviewed by shlomitmft 8 / 10 / 10

Not a dull moment!

The plot was suspenseful, well executed, and relevant to current issues.

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