Family Katta

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevivmit 10 / 10 / 10

Its an experience

Falling short of words. This movie is so different yet so strong. Top notch performance by each and every character. Beautiful portrayal of Bhai and Malati , as an elderly couple. I wish I get a life partner like them. The story, the background score, the characters, the acting.. everything just holds you stuck to the screen. I cant write more, without any spoilers. This is one of those movies, that raises the standards of Indian Cinema. I loved it. Thank you "Family Katta" team.

Reviewed by madhaviagnihotri 9 / 10 / 10

Refreshing family drama with outstanding performances

I am not a Marathi speaking person,but I came upon this movie on Amazon prime video and it was with subtitles,so I thought let me try.I was floored with the movie.The story is sharp,the performances simply superb and the characters relatable.The ending brings tears to your eyes.The friendly banter between Bhai and Malathi in the first half is really good.The equation between each family member is well written and executed.This movie has hooked me on to watch more Marathi movies and in the process pick up some Marathi words as well!

Reviewed by dexter_greycells 9 / 10 / 10

Such a touching movie and not a single review on IMDb? Not fair at all!

When I watched this movie in the theatre it almost brought me to tears. I could feel everyone around was moved by the movie as well. The performances of the main characters deserve an ovation. It is a family drama, a reunion on the family heads' 50th wedding anniversary, with a major twist midway through the movie that I won't reveal. I showed this movie to my Mom (born in early 60s) and she loved it. Any Indian can possibly relate to some aspects of the movie from his or her own life. For people outside India or not familiar with the language, this is still a very good movie to watch to get a peek into the way people lead their lives here and the culture that you may have heard about. A friend told me the movie is adapted from a very successful Marathi play. The play obviously got more acclaim but the movie is no less. I highly recommend it.

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